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Leaked document spells pain for Canberra schools

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Liberal Senator for the Australian Capital Territory

Shadow Parliamentary Secretary to the Shadow Attorney-General

Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Materiel

Tuesday 21 August 2012

LEAKED DOCUMENT SPELLS PAIN FOR CANBERRA SCHOOLS A large number of ACT schools have been included in a list of 3,200 schools that will lose funding as a result of the Gillard government’s plans to change school funding.

The 'leaked document' details dollar amount funding that would be stripped from non-government and government schools across Canberra.

"Canberra schools will be hit hard under this plan, and it will be parents, teachers and students that will feel the pain", ACT Senator Gary Humphries said today.

"According to this document, tens of millions of dollars will be systematically ripped out of Canberra's education system - that is a major concern.

“Parents will pay more, or class sizes will rise, as funding is cut to government, Catholic and independent schools across the ACT".

Senator Humphries says the government has tried to question the authenticity of the hit list - but the best retort is simply to release all of their modelling on Gonski.

“We already know that the Greens have an ideological opposition to funding of non-government schools - it's part of their policy platform.

"Now it's time for ACT Labor to come clean on the Government’s plan to cut funding for local schools and provide the certainty that Canberrans deserve.

“If they release the modelling, we will all know for certain how many local schools will be hit with cuts and how much funding they will lose", Senator Humphries concluded.


Humphries media contact is Ross Macdonald 0407 904 818