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Great big Gonski tax: Cameron

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MEDIA RELEASE Great big Gonski tax: Cameron

Labor Senator Doug Cameron has again confirmed new taxes may be on the cards to pay for the Gillard Government’s multi-billion dollar election commitments, said Christopher Pyne, Shadow Minister for Education.

“On the ABC last night, Senator Cameron belled the cat declaring new taxes should be imposed to pay for school funding changes, which could cost more than $26 billion,” Mr Pyne said.

“Senator Cameron’s view is shared by the Government’s coalition allies the Greens, who support higher taxes for Government spending across the board,” he said.

“The other option Labor has not yet ruled out is massive new borrowings to fund the billions needed.

“After the four biggest Budget deficits in Australia’s history, the Government has already cooked the books to claim a Budget surplus next year. It would not be surprising if the Government irresponsibly put new spending measures on the nation’s credit card.

“Labor has never seen a new tax they do not like, but Australian families cannot afford the additional cost of living pressures a great big new tax would create, especially as electricity bills with new carbon tax charges are landing in letterboxes across the nation.

August 21, 2012

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