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Volumes of red tape and volumes of disregard

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Volumes of Red Tape and Volumes of Disregard

A NEW survey has revealed government red tape is strangling investment in Australia’s vital small business sector.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Small Business Survey today showed federal government regulation was now the sixth biggest turn-off to small business investors.

“While taxes and charges remain the biggest constraints on investment, federal government regulation jumped from eleven to six on their scale of concern during the March to June quarter,” Chairman of the Coalition Deregulation Taskforce Arthur Sinodinos said.

“That speaks volumes for the regard this government holds small business in. Volumes of red tape and volumes of disregard.

“This survey is the latest indictment on the Labor Government’s tendency to over-regulate small business in this country.

“I just spoke in the Senate about this government’s lack of understanding of the impact of the carbon tax on the small business sector.

“Contrary to what Senator Wong said in the Senate today in response to my question, the government does not have specific Treasury modelling on the impact of the carbon tax on the small business sector; a sector of more than 2 million businesses that employs millions of Australians.

“So not only does the government lack understanding, it lacks also the will to understand.”

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20 August 2012