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Invest where we make our money

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Senator Barnaby Joyce

Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Local Government and Water Leader of the Nationals in the Senate

Invest where we make our money

Gladstone puts the money on the table to support our nation. Gladstone is a city that

makes our nation proud. Australians look at Gladstone and they see things going forward,

they see value adding happening and they see a town that is one of the few industrial

centres of our nation.

I am in Gladstone today and the activity that is going on up here is remarkable. But while

the town and industry are getting ahead, the people of Gladstone are lumbered by a

Federal government that is basically inept and financially dangerous.

I have just visited a new shopping centre in Gladstone. These businesses opened a

month ago and because of confusion between the NBN and Telstra these new businesses

did not have phone lines for weeks and some were without EFTPOS. Even now, more

than a month after opening, a local Indian Restaurant has not had its phones connected.

They have had to give their mobile phone numbers out just to get takeaway orders. It is a

bit rough when a dispute between the NBN and Telstra means a new business is left with

only a mobile phone; you can’t move many curries if they can’t call your shop.

Apparently, the mob in Canberra can cool the planet even though they can’t connect a

phone line.

Gladstone will be the epicentre of the carbon tax. We have seen projects held up, projects

which might not happen and projects which might go away by reason of an insane tax

designed by some clown in Canberra who thinks they can cool the globe. I can assure you

that on the 1st July you are going to wake up and the temperature is going to feel a lot like

what it felt on 30 June.

Just yesterday we were reminded of the wealth that the coal seam gas industry will

generate for the nation. A report released by the CSG industry shows that in the next 20

years in Queensland alone, coal seam gas will add $513 billion to the economy including

$32 billion in extra taxes for the Queensland government and an additional $243 billion in

federal taxes.

What we want to know is how much of that money is going to come back to Gladstone?

How much of that money is going to go back to the landowners from whose place the gas

comes from? Are we investing the royalties back into the regions which generates the


Gladstone and other areas have the right to say if we are doing this to refloat the

Australian economy; we have a right for some of that wealth to be reinvested back in the

area where the money comes from.

As any good business man or woman will tell you, you invest your money where you make

your money.

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