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Lowest annual road toll since 1953

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1 2/938 January 1993LOWEST ANNUAL ROAD TOLL S IN CE 1953 n'Australia has achieved its lowest annual road toll in 39 years', Federal Land Transpo rtMinister, Bob Brown said today.Mr Brown said that official figures compiled by the Federal Office of Road Safety showthere were 1971 road deaths in 1992 (compared to 1856 deaths in 1953).'In real terms, given the increase in our population, vehicle numbers and amount of travel,the results are quite outstanding', Mr Brown said. P'If the trend of the 1950's and 1960's had continued around 65,000 more Australians wouldhave been killed on Australia's roads since 1970.'The 1992 road toll also highlights the progress we have made in reducing the number ofroad deaths in recent years.'This figure sets a new benchmark for further progress during the 1990s and into the 21stcentury.'Achievements like this don't happen without strong government and police commitment.And, most importantly, they don't occur without the support of the community as a whole. n'Governments have increased their commitment to reducing road trauma. At the Federallevel the Government's 10 Point Road Safety Package, its $270 million Black Spotprogram, and improved design rule standards are paying off.'States and territories have introduced stricter laws, tougher penalties and significantlyimproved enforcement through better targeting and the use of new technology, such asspeed cameras and passive random breath testing equipment.'We all need to continue to work together to ensure the downward trend in Australia's roadtoll is maintained -- 1971 deaths a year on our roads represent an unacceptable social andeconomic cost to the nation.'Mr Brown said the 1992 road fatality statistics show that the greatest improvements in theroad toll were in Victoria and the No rthern Ter ritory. Victoria's effo rt represented 80 percent of the net reduction.'A national road safety strategy has been put in place which will provide impetus for allstates and territo ri es to match the effo rts of Victoria.'14 cU- 0W c V\LTH .12 PAP,- , t5 A,4tE,ti1'^'h,Py LIBRARY_ W.^^7 l 1 — 1 a ll VI 1 1 W ►


The year's figures (1991 figures in brackets) are: New South Wales 652 (663), Victoria 392 (503), Queensland 416 (395), South Australia 165 (184), Western Australia 200 (207), Tasmania 73 (75), Northern Territory 53 (67) and the ACT 20 (17).

The December figure of 170 was 18 fewer (or 9.6 per cent less) than for December 1991. The state tolls for December 1992 (December 1991 in brackets) were: New South Wales 50 (56), Victoria 35 (53), Queensland 39 (36), South Australia 10 (16), Western Australia 22 (23), Tasmania seven (three), Northern Territory six (one) and the ACT one (nil).

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