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New trade post in Mexico City

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(Statement by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade and Industry, Mr. John McEwen).

Australia has opened a Trade Commissioner Post in Mexico City.

In announcing this today, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade and Industry, Mr. McEwen, said it was the latest of a series of initiatives aimed at strengthening Australia's trade representation overseas. It will bring the number of Australian Trade Commissioner Posts to 46 in 35


Mr. McEwen said that in the last five years, Australia's exports to Mexico had grown from $9.2 million to over $16 million a year. Wool represents 85 percent of thi trade and the balance comprises mainly base metals, machinery a

electronic equipment.

The Minister added: "wool will,continue to occupy a key position in Australian.--Mexico trade, but, with Mexico's imports approaching $1,800 million annually there is a: large potential opening for exports of industrial goods".

Australia's first resident trade commissioner in Mexico will be Mr. D..K.W. Fagg who is married with three children.

Mr. Fagg has previously been stationed in Trinidad, Bombay, Rome and Milan, He had considerable experience as a sales executive before he joined the Trade Commissioner Service in1960.

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February 22 1970