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Australian trade mission to Republic of China, Okinawa and Republic of Korea

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(Statement by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade and Industry, Mr. John McEwen)

The Australian Government will send a six-man Trade Survey Mission to the Republic of China, Okinawa and the

Republic of Korea in March to survey trade opportunities.

This was announced by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister

for Trade and Industry, Mr. J. McEwen, today.

The decision to send the mission was made on the recommendation of the Export Development Council. Members of the Mission will be dravm from the Council.

It will leave Australia on 28th February and will be

overseas for about three weeks.

Mr. McEwen said the Mission would investigate export

opportunities for a range of selected products and examine the

role of overseas investment in the industrial development of the

countries to be visited:.

Mr. McEwen said there was scope for a substantial

increase in the Australian share of the markets to be visited.

Total imports by Taiwan, Korea and Okinawa were worth more than

$2,100 million last year - of.which Australia accounted for

little more than one per cent.

The :export Development Council was established in

1958 to advise the Government on all aspects of the development of Australia`s export trade. It currently comprises 43 members

drawn from senior levels in primary and manufacturing industry,

commerce, banking, transport and the Public Service.

Mr. McEwen said the Mission would be led by

Mr. D.H. Freeman, Chairman of the Export Development Council

and Managing Director of Union Carbide Aust. Pty. Ltd., Sydney.

Other members are:



• Mr. R.H. Besley, Governing Director, .

Besley and Pike Pty, Ltd., Queensland,

• Mr. F.R.G. Strickland, Managing Director, H. Halford Pty, Ltd., Victoria,

• Mr. F.J. Watt, Managing Director, Tozer,, Kemsley and hillbourn (AtAsia) Pty. Ltd., Victoria,

• Mr. B.A. Wright, President, Australian

Woolgrowers and Graziers Council.

The Mission will be accompanied by a senior

officer of the Department of Trade and Industry.

2 February 1970 2/70T