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Responsibility, not popularity

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Embargoed: Not for release before 9.55 a.m. 16th November, 1970


There came times when Governments must look beyond immediate

political advantage and popularity to the ultimate needs of the nation and its people, the Minister for Primary Industry, Mr. Anthony, said today.

"The usual belief is that Governments do things to win

popularity; to win votes," he said in a radio broadcast.

"But the policies of the Liberal/Country Party Government on such things as our involvement in Vietnam, and National

Service, certainly have not won us any great popularity.

"And of course these policies were not designed for that purpose.

"This Government has made, and stuck to, hard decisions.

We made these decisions knowing they would be unpopular, but knowing too that there were inescapable if were were to fulfil our responsibilities to the people of Australia.

"We knew these decisions would cause very deep concern to the people most closely involved -- our young men and their Families -- and that many other people in the community also would be concerned about, indeed violently opposed to, our policies.

"Nevertheless, we made these decisions because it was our

judgement that our first responsibility was the safety and

security of Australia and the Australian people."

Mr. Anthony said security was the greatest need of Australia and every Australian.

16th November, 1970