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The Australian Wool Commission: appointment of members

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Mr. W.J. Vines, C.M.G.

Mr. R.V. Sewell, O.B.E.

Mr. D.J. Asimus,

IY Ir. S.S. Nevile

Mr. Y.D. Williams

Mr. L.J. Yeo

T y r. A.E. Wallace






The Minister for Primary Industry, Mr. Anthony, announced

today the appointment of members of the Australian Wool Commission,

which is being constituted under legislation passed by Parliament

earlier this week.

Mr. Anthony said the members appointed were

- Acting Chairman

- Woolgrower representative

-- Woolgrower representative

- Member with special qualific-at ions

- I• en.ber with special qualific-ations

- Member with special quali fic-


- Commonwealth Government representative.

Mr. Anthony said the Commission would hold its first

meeting tomorrow.

Explaining the appointment of Mr. Vines as Acting Chairman,

Mr. Anthony said that, under the Australian Wool Commission Act,

the Chairman of the Commission was a full-time appointment for a

period of five years.

Provision also was made in the legislation, however, for

the appointment of an acting part-time Chairman pending the

appointment of a full-time Chairman.

Mr. Anthony said that 1r. Vines was chosen to act as

Chairman of the Commission during its initial stages because the

experience and knowledge he had gained as Chairman of the Australian

Wool Marketing Corporation Pty. Ltd. ;could be invaluable in the

establishment of the Commission.


The Corporation would be absorbed by the Commission.

Mr. Anthony said that 1r. V ines was not available for

appointment as the full-time Chairman and he would relinquish his

position as Acting Chairman G,nd a member of the Commission when

a full-time Chairman had been appointed.

Mr. Anthony said he was very pleased that 14r. Vines was

prepared to serve as Acting Chairman of the Commission during its

crucial early period of operation,

Mr. Vines was widely known and respected in wool circles

in Australia and overseas as the former Managing D irector of the

International Wool Secretariat.

Mr. Anthony said the wool industry also was fortunate to

obtain the services of the other members of the Commission, who

would be appointed on a part-time basis for a period of three


Their expert knowledge and wide experience in fields

relevant to the work of the Commission ensured that the Commission

would have available to it the necessary expertise.

He said "The main function of the Commission will be to

operate a flexible reserve price scheme for wool sold at auction

and to perform a number of other functions relating to the whole

clip, aimed at improving the marketing of hus tralian wool.

"No time has been lost in a.i-- cinting the members of the

Commission and this prompt action will enable it to commence its

important work immediately.

"The Commission will hold its first meeting in Melbourne on

Friday, 6th November, 1970, and it will be the objective of' the

Commission to have a flexible reserve price scheme operating within

a few weeks.


"The establishment of the Commission comes at a critical

time for -blie woolgrowing industry, which is unquestionably in a

very serious position.

, iii -ca king t Lis action, the g overnment recognises the need.

for reform in wool marketing as one of the complex of measures

required to help the industry in i-ls difficult problems.

"It will be the job o f the Australian wool Commission to

give woolgrowers a measure of protection against the needless

losses they often suffer in selling their wool, and to work

towards improved wool marketing arrangements generally,

"This is a task of vital importance and great responsibility,

but I am confident that the Commission will carry it out in the best

interests of woolgrowers and the community."


5th November, 1970,

Biogr aph ical Notes

.ASIiUS, DJ., B.Ec.

oolgrower; a director of the Australian wool Marketing Corporation Pty. Ltd.; rust—Chairman of the Economic Sub—Committee, member of the .Executive Committee and of fool Industry Committee of Graziers' Association o f N . W.; member of Australian -:Tool Industry Conference.

Address. '°Gobbity Park", Mt. N yoreb, i^.2 o trI.

NEVIL E, 5,8., B.Com ., L.T.L.

Managing D irector, Port i hillip Mills Pty. Ltd..; member of

Australian Nool Board and of 'fool Board Special Advisory Committee investigating the problems of the wool industry; member of Australian `; ool Testing Authority; pest Chairman of the 4 Tool

Marketing Committee of the Australian '\Tool Board; Chairman of a sub—committee established by the special Advisory Committee of the \Tool Board to define the principles on which a wool marketing authority might Operate,

Address. 'Mount Pleasant" ', hesearch, VIC.



Woolgrower; President of Australian Wool and Meat Producers' Federation; member of Executive$ Australian Wool Industry Conference; past President, 't I

ool S ection, Farmers' Union of T.A.;

kember of C ommonwealth Banking Corporation Board. Address: 9 Brockman Avenue, Ne .lands.

'TINES, T.J ., C. .G., A.A.S.A., A.C.I.S., L.C.A.

Chairman, The Australian Wool ;Marketing Corporation Pty. Ltd.; C;iai ar.y Dalgety Australia Limited; member, special Advisory Committee of the Australian Wool Board; former Managing Director, International Wool Secretariat 1961-1969; woolgrowing

property near Tara, Q1d. Address: 73 Yarranabbe Road, Darling Point. N.S.Q.

WALLACE, A.E ., B.Ec. (Bons)

Assistant Secretary, Wool and Neat Branch, Department of Primary Industry; member, Australian Wool Board; Commonwealth Government observer at meetings of International Wool Secretariat and the Australian Wool Marketing Corporation Pty. Ltd.; member, Australian Wool Testing Authority; Secretary of Wool Marketing

Committee of Enquiry 1961-62. Address: 13 Norman Street, Deakin. A.C.T.

tfILLIA MS, .D ., B.Ec., A.A.S.A., F.C.A.A., F.A.I.N.

General Manager, Southern Farmers' Co-operative Ltd.; alternate director, The Australian Wool Marketing Corporation Pty. Ltd.; Chairman, National Council of Wool Selling Brokers of Australia; member, special Advisory Committee of the Australian Wool Board. Address: 26 Alpha Road, Prospect. S.A.

YEC, L. J., F.C.A., A.A.u.A., A.C.1.S.

Senior partner, Marquand and Co.; Chairman, Australian Wool Testing Authority; co-opted member, Australian 'Tool Board Wool Marketing Committee; Chairman, Australian Wool Board's Clip Preparation Committee. Address: 2 Kent Court, Toorak. 'TIC.