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HMAS PERTH to serve in Vietnam

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i-T.L S 2 E: !'II TO S 1 1TE I=_1 VI."DT2iM

i Jfi S PERTH will relieve her rt:i d e d missile Destroyer

sister Ship, HMAS 3t}I7 ' ART, o f Vietnam duties this n iont^ i , the

Minister for the Navy g T. , r. D. J Killen, oaid today,

iiOEiRT Rae Served as an interaI unit of the US

Na vy's J eventh fleet since TRarc .t this year*

'Isl q which has a mils company o f 332 officers

and sailors, ? O under he command of C 1.n'Uain I .71.7 . r ns 1C e,

•; :-^T t s third r ,_ zr it will be _ _.:^.1? w^ 1^ - ^i1 .^' ^. tour of C duty OBI _ C t ryrn,

She previously Served i n 1957-62 and i9 C•59 59

For her fi 2.. t tour P

- '=. T -1 as awarded the L SIP s

Unit Commendation and for her second the 'Ul-') N l s .1eritorious

Unit Commendation.


A I ^i^ .77,, r^ ^ _1_'. L._L 1 9 let `e -o t {JT!^ 1. er j 1 9 r 0