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Full deregulation of wheat export market under scrutiny

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Issued: 29 March 2012

Acting Chair: Mr Alby Schultz MP 

Full deregulation of wheat export market under scrutiny — New Inquiry — The House of Representatives Agriculture, Resources, Fisheries and Forestry Committee has commenced an inquiry into a new Bill designed to deregulate Australia’s wheat export market. The review comes due to concern about the impact that deregulation could have on quality assurance, particularly in relation to Australia’s biggest competitor countries Canada and the USA, both of which have quality assurance processors with exports. The Wheat Export Marketing Amendment Bill 2012 would implement the Australian Government’s response to the Productivity Commission review of wheat export marketing arrangements. Under the proposed reforms, the Wheat Export Accreditation Scheme would be abolished, but the so-called ‘access test’ would remain in place until at least 2014, depending on the approval of a new voluntary industry code of conduct. According to the Bill’s explanatory memorandum, it aims to “bring the bulk wheat export market into line with other agricultural commodity markets and promote further competition in the wheat industry leading to increased productivity and profitability. It will mean that more buyers will be competing for wheat, helping growers to get prices that reflect market value.” The terms of reference are the text of the bills, which can be accessed, together with the Explanatory Memorandum, on the Committee’s website. Submissions are due by Friday, 27 April 2012. The Committee would prefer submissions to be sent electronically to Submitters are encouraged to read the information on preparing a submission available on the Committee website before lodging their submission. For media comment: please contact the Acting Committee Chair, Mr Alby Schultz MP, on (02) 4822 2277 or email Further information: contact the Inquiry Secretary (02) 6277 4500, email or visit the Committee’s webpage at