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Clubs Australia preening is proof of obscene outcome: Greens

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Media Release

Dr. Richard Di Natale

Greens Senator for Victoria


Clubs Australia preening is proof of obscene outcome: Greens

Greens’ gambling spokesperson, Senator Richard Di Natale, said today that it was obscene to see Clubs Australia gloating about their campaign against meaningful pokies reform.

“The Government’s watered-down pokies reforms achieve absolutely nothing,” said Senator Di Natale.

“You only have to look at Anthony Ball gloating about his successful campaign for proof that a cashed-up lobby group has managed to trump good government policy, yet again.

“18 months ago Clubs Australia launched a disgraceful public misinformation campaign in an effort to stop the Government from doing what was recommended by the Productivity Commission and gambling experts in order to help problem gamblers and their families.

“Of course Clubs Australia is thrilled with how this has played out - they have got everything they could have hoped for when they launched the campaign. But for problem gamblers and their families, the outcome is shameful.

The Government’s bill would give us nothing more than a trial of mandatory pre-commitment and yet another report from the Productivity Commission, when we already have two on the matter. In fact this bill achieves less than nothing, it takes the issue off the agenda and could delay the cause of meaningful reform for many years.

“But the pokies industry has claimed victory too early. We will try to amend the Government’s bill to ensure meaningful reform at the end of a trial by guaranteeing that either mandatory pre-commitment or $1 maximum bets is implemented. The Government has no excuse to vote down our amendments.

“Meaningful reform will always have powerful opponents who benefit from the status quo. If the Government does let the pokies industry derail pokies reform by spending a few million bucks, they are sending out a signal to every industry that this government will buckle under pressure.”

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