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New jobs and investment in Tasmania

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THE HON GREG COMBET AM MP Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Minister for Industry and Innovation


Minister for Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government Minister for the Arts


GC 52/12 30 March 2012


The Australian Government’s Tasmanian Innovation and Investment Fund will generate almost $20 million of investment and create over 260 new jobs in the state.

The Minister for Industry and Innovation, Greg Combet, and the Minister for Regional Australia, Simon Crean, today announced grants to 26 companies totalling $8.3 million from the Fund.

The grants will support investment in projects that will diversify Tasmania’s economy, recognizing the impacts of the restructuring of the forestry sector.

“This Fund supports investment in new activities and industries to broaden Tasmania’s economy,” Minister Combet said.

“This investment will create sustainable new jobs across a broad range of industries and regions.”

The grants support exciting projects including re-establishing the Bicheno abalone farm, purchasing new boats to expand tourism operations on Bruny Island and a new glasshouse complex near Wynyard.

Many of the grants will be used to invest in new equipment and infrastructure for Tasmanian companies in the manufacturing, construction, transport and food processing sectors.

“These projects will strengthen local economies now and in the future,” Mr Combet said.

“The fact that the grants from the Fund will be more than matched by private investment shows that there is strong confidence in Tasmania’s economic outlook.”

Mr Crean said the grants were consistent with the economic diversification focus of the Tasmanian Forests Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA).

“This funding builds on recently announced projects, including more than $5.7 million to support the dairy industry in Smithton and $3.9 million to support the expansion of the salmon-farming industry in Huonville,” Mr Crean said.

“We have also invested $3.6 million in the world-first SenseT data project, which was developed by the CSIRO, University of Tasmania and IBM to help Tasmanian farmers make informed decisions about irrigation, treatment and harvesting.

“These investments will deliver hundreds of jobs in the short term and ongoing job opportunities into the future.

“While a sustainable forestry products industry will remain at the core of Tasmania’s economy - it’s not the only economic driver.

“The new funding announced today will help transform Tasmania’s many natural advantages into a competitive edge.”

The successful applicants were selected by an assessment panel comprising senior officials from the federal Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education and the State Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts and an independent representative of Tasmania’s business community.

A list of grants is attached.

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Media contacts:

Minister Combet - Mark Davis 0400 295 560 Minister Crean - Glen Atwell 0403 949 599

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Tasmania Innovation and Investment Fund List of applicants to be offered funding

Applicant Org/s Project Description

Grant Amt (Inc GST)

Expected Total Investment (Inc GST)

Proposed new jobs

Location Applicant Contact

AB Engineering (Tas) Pty Ltd Purchase and install equipment in a workshop that maintains liquefied natural gas (LNG) on heavy trucks.

$107,690 $205,590 3 Scottsdale Stephen Abraham

(03) 6352 2030

Abalone Farms Australia Pty Ltd

The re-establishment and revitalisation of the Bicheno abalone farm operation. $495,000 $1,559,600 15 Bicheno Shane McLinde.

(08) 9336 6831

AJL Heavy Equipment Pty Ltd Further development of the East Devonport shipping container depot.

$69,190 $132,090 3 East Devonport Andrew Lawson

(03) 6431 2777

Bison Construction Construction of a fully integrated factory which will allow for the efficient movement of materials through the design, manufacture and dispatch process.

$316,258 $603,765 8 Scottsdale Jonathan Bissett

(03) 6352 4449

Britton Brothers Pty Ltd Increased productivity and plant expansion project that includes the purchase and installation of a new log processing system.

$678,040 $1,440,040 8 Smithton Shawn Brown

(03) 6452 2522

Burnie Print And Design

Purchase of new digital equipment and the remodelling the workplace and retail areas. $87,293 $166,650 3 Burnie Joanna Kershaw

(03) 6431 3848

Coastal Engineering & Belting Pty Ltd Development of heavy fabrication capacity at Coastal Engineering & Belting, by installing new equipment.

$184,067 $351,401 8 Camdale Andrew Pullen

(03) 6435 1004

Dovetail Timbers Pty Ltd Development of Dovetail Timbers production line for producing dovetail-jointed prefabricated kit-homes, raised

garden beds and other timber products.

$76,336 $145,732 3 Glen Huon Bodie Cavanagh

0429 132 929

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Applicant Org/s Project Description

Grant Amt (Inc GST)

Expected Total Investment (Inc GST)

Proposed new jobs

Location Applicant Contact

Flowerdale Flowers (Tas) Pty Ltd Construction of a new glasshouse complex to assist the increase in flower production.

$440,000 $2,089,456 13 Wynyard Robert Sadler

(03) 6442 1468

Harvest Moon Acquisition of a new self-propelled celery harvesting and packing facility. This facility will increase celery production. $218,625 $417,375 15 Forth Kevin Clayton-Greene

(03) 6428 2505

Huon Valley Seafoods Pty Ltd Expansion of Huon Valley seafood processing, blast freezing and packing facility.

$440,000 $852,915 30 Huonville Ambrose Coad

(03) 6264 1700

McKee - Co General Engineering Pty Ltd The purchase of new equipment to produce densified biomass pellets from dried timber residues for domestic heating.

$55,000 $115,000 3 Bridgewater William McKee

(02) 6621 9544

National Pies Pty Ltd Increase production capabilities by 80 per cent by expanding current facilities and the purchase of new technologically advanced equipment.

$770,000 $1,684,206 22 Hobart Tracey Murray

(07) 3232 1704

Pennicott Wilderness Journeys Pty Ltd Purchase of new craft to expand the Bruny lsland specialised tours.

$506,000 $1,239,542 14 Adventure Bay Robert Pennicott

(03) 6234 4270

Petuna Pty Ltd Expansion of the fish processing area to include a smokehouse. $660,000 $1,260,000 14 East Devonport David Ashcroft

(03) 6427 9033

Priority Supplies Production expansion to increase manufacturing of industrial safety products including storage cabinets for corrosive material, spill response products, and emergency decontamination equipment.

$808,131 $2,110,392 24 Burnie David Urquhart

(03) 6430 3400

Roadside Products Pty Ltd The purchase, installation and commissioning of a 120 litre blow moulding system to increase production to meet market


$136,084 $259,798 3 Launceston Margaret Burt

(03) 6339 3929

S E R S Sheetmetal Works Construction of a new workshop facility to allow continued production growth and supply material for new identified


$274,956 $1,174,956 10 Burnie Diane Edgerton

(03) 6431 9991

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Applicant Org/s Project Description

Grant Amt (Inc GST)

Expected Total Investment (Inc GST)

Proposed new jobs

Location Applicant Contact

Seafish Tasmania Pty Ltd Construction of a plant and processing lines that will add value to Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon waste.

$449,350 $857,850 12 Triabunna Gerry Geen

(03) 6257 3499

Sewell Sweepers Investment in plant and equipment to meet the accelerated market demand of the Sewell Sweepers products. $123,896 $236,528 5 Burnie Allan Johnson

(03) 6432 1311

Southern Bulbs Pty Ltd The purchase of an Aqua Grader to expand production. A Dutch innovation for washing, grading and processing flower bulbs.

$55,000 $140,986 4 Wynyard Philippa Kennedy

(03) 6443 4188

Spreyton Fresh Pty Ltd The development of a cider brewing facility and the establishment of orchard tour. $132,000 $346,538 7 Aberdeen Michelle Distill

(03) 6427 2125

Spring Bay Seafoods Pty Ltd Establishing expanded hatchery production capacity of "pre-nursery' size oysters to satisfy increased market demand and

improve industry reliability of supply.

$73,272 $139,883 4 Triabunna Phil Lamb

(03) 6257 3614

Tas Fab Pty Ltd Expansion of workshop and installation of equipment to increase the company's capacity and services. $353,650 $1,275,150 8 Invermay Duane Bird

(03) 6331 4255

Tassal Operations Pty Ltd Expand the capacity of the packing line at the Margate Salmon packing plant.

$770,000 $1,667,477 18 Margate Peter Bennett

(03) 6264 7014

Tas-Span Pty Ltd Acquisition of an under bridge and marine inspection unit to expand Tas-Span capabilities. $57,063 $108,938 6 LaTrobe John Weller

(03) 6426 2720

$8,336,900 $20,581,858 261