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Queensland election a message to Independents as well

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Senator Barnaby Joyce

Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Local Government and Water

Leader of the Nationals in the Senate

Queensland election a message to Independents as well

Seven independent members of parliament have been voted out of office since Tony

Windsor and Rob Oakeshott decided to back a Green-Labor government.

Tony Windsor’s claim that “independents actually performed quite well at the

[Queensland] election” is a denial of reality.

On average Independent members suffered a bigger swing against them than the Labor

party at the Queensland election. There were five seats in which independents were

sitting members at the Queensland 2012 election.

Across those five seats, independent candidates suffered an average swing against them

of 18 per cent, a more devastating swing than meted out to the Labor party.

In WindsorWorld apparently this is a great outcome. Windsor has an amazing analysis of

history, it changes 5 minutes after the fact. The reality is the Independents got absolutely


People are just sick of this idea that you can sneak around and tell people that you are

really part of both football teams when you are in fact part of neither.

Only two out of five independent Queensland electorates look to have retained their seats.

This compares to three out of six independent members at the 2011 New South Wales

election retaining their seats, an election that was widely seen as a disaster for

independent members.

In total, since Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott revealed that they were actually closet

Green/Labor supporters, 7 independent members have been voted out of Parliament and

only 5 re-elected in the Victorian, New South Wales and Queensland elections.

30 March 2012

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