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Meat production, exports, set records

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Australian production and exports of all main

types of meat set records in 1969/70, the Minister for Primary Industry, Mr. Anthony, said today.

Total meat production, with a gross value of about $985 million, exceeded two million tons, and meat exports

earned more than $380 million, he said.

Mr. Anthony said that while the buoyancy of the meat industry was pleasing, the rate of growth in its production deserved careful consideration.

"T believe the meat industry will enjoy a sound

short—term future, and I hope this will prove to be an accurate prediction of the long term as well," he said.

E"However, we must not overlook the fact that production is rising quickly and domestic and export sales, while rising, will be difficult to boost quickly.

p1The rate of meat production increase could become even faster if farmers suffering the effects of restrictions

on wheat production and low wool prices, as well as those

turning away from dairying, look to cattle as a way out of

their difficulties."

Mr. Anthony said production of beef and veal in

1969/70 would exceed one million tons for the first time since 1964/65, and exceed 1968/69 production by 10 per cent.

Beef and veal exports were up by 29 per cent

on the previous year, with export earnings, at '$294 million,

39 per cent higher.

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mutton production was up 17 per cent, with exports almost doubling in volume to reach 135,000 tons and in value to reach $61 million.

Lamb production rose by four per cent, and exports

rose by 12,000 tons to 40,800 tons, while the value of lamb

exports increased by 55 per cent to $20.5 million.

Pigmeat production, at about 175,000 tons, was up

nine per cent. Due mainly to increased sales to Japan, pig— meat exports rose from 1,200 tons to 5,100 tons, returning

more than $4 million, or $3.2 million more than in 1968/69.

Poultry meat production rose by 12 per cent to 110,000 tons, while exports increased by 16 per cent to 1,600 tons, earning over $1 million.

hr. Anthony said the rise in the value of exports was due not only to the increase in export volume, but also to a rise in the average value.

The value of beef exports, for example, was almost $70 a ton higher in 1969/70 than in 1968/69.

Canberra 1st September, 1970