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Dairy farm reconstruction

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The Minister for Primary Industry, Mr. Anthony,

said this afternoon that he had received an encouraging report

of the progress made at today's meeting of Commonwealth and

State officers to discuss the dairy farm reconstruction plan.

The meeting in Canberra was attended by top-level

officers representing the Departments of Treasury, Lands and

Agriculture from New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South

Australia and Tasmania.

Using the draft agreement between Western Australia

and the Commonwealth as a starting point, the State repres-entatives indicated aspects of the proposals that could need

modification to enable their States to co-operate with the

Commonwealth in tackling the low-income problems of the dairy


Mr. Anthony said: "I understand there was a useful

discussion on such matters as defining'a marginal dairy farm

for the purposes of the scheme, on the conditions which will

determine,'the eligibility of those whose properties will be

built up, and on various aspects of Commonwealth/State finance

that are involved.

"The Commonwealth will certainly give consideration

to the matters that the State officers have brought forward."

Canberra 12 February 1970.