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Cat out of bag on higher cost of living from Carbon Tax

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Media Release The Hon Greg Hunt MP Membe r for Flinders Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage Friday 30 March 2012 Cat Out of Bag on Higher Cost of Living from Carbon Tax A union push for a pay rise to cover the rising cost of living from the Carbon Tax, exposes the Prime Minister’s promise of compensation for higher prices, as a con. Together union, comprising the Australian Services Union and the Queensland Public Sector Union has declared it will seek higher pay rises to offset the increased cost of living from the Carbon Tax. The union has let the cat out of the bag that workers will be worse off when the Carbon Tax is introduced on 1 July. They acknowledge that the government’s so-called compensation will leave millions of Australians worse off. This is based on the government’s own figures. The Prime Minister’s claims that she is looking after working Australians is as disingenuous as her promise before the last election that there would be no Carbon Tax under the government she leads. People are starting to realise the full ramifications and the economic cost it will impose on families, workers and businesses as they ready for its introduction on 1 July. Australians shouldn’t be faced with a lower standard of living because of a costly $36 billion Carbon Tax. Calls for higher wages will also be a challenge for businesses, already under pressure with their own Carbon Tax impost and for those competing internationally, a higher Australian dollar. It’s another threat to job security at the worst possible time. MEDIA CONTACT: Wendy Black 0418 532 534