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United States meat imports

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UNITED STATES AT IMPORTS 1N 1970 Statement by the Minister for Primary Industr 1y, Hon: J.D. Anthony

The Minister for Primary Industry, Mr.. Anthony, announced today

that Australia would supply at least 527 million lb. of beef, veal and

mutton to the United States &rin 1970.

Mr. Anthony said the value of the shipments was expected to

}he apprnx.mately $A220 million, compared with about pA210 million for

1969 shipmonts.

He said the level of 527 million lb. represented an increase of

22 million lb. ever Australia's initial 1969 allocation of 505 million lb.,

and seven million lb. above the adjusted 1969 Australian figure following

the allocation of shortfalls.

Mr. Anthony said the increased allocation for Australian meat

en the U.S. market should help ensure a sound year for the industry,

d.spite rising production. The prospects were for firm markets and

reasonably good prices.

Commenting on the announcement by the, U.S. Secretary %+f Agriculture

that quotas on meat imports would not be imposed in 1970, Mr. Anthony said

that, while he welcomed this decision, it had been achievod only after

virtually every supplying country had again assured the United States, as

in 1969, that they would restrain shipments in 1970.

"As a result, the Secretary of Agriculture has been able to set

his estimate of total imports for 1970 at 1061.5 million lb.", Mr. Anthony


"This is some 37.2 million lb. below the level of 1098.7 million lb.,

which would trigger quotas.

"The estimate is approximately 62.7 million lb. above the level

to which imports would have been restricted if quotas had been applied."


Mr. Anthony said the level to which Australia was to restrain

its exports to the U.S. during 1970 represented some 49.7 per cent of

total U.S. meat imports-- a gain of almost one per cent on Australials

initial 1969 share of 48.8%.

He said that prices during 1969 for Australian meat in the

U.S. were favourable, and it was expected they would continue to remain

firm during 1970.

"As in 1969, exporters will still be required to earn their

entitlement to ship to the U.S. by sales to non-U.S. markets",

Mr. Anthony said.

"In this regard, several inquiries for Australian meat have

been received recently from a number of East European countries, namely

Rumania, the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and Hungary.

"Shipments to these markets would, as with shipments to other

non-U.S. markets, enable exporters to earn entitlement to ship to the

U.S. bring 1970."

Mr. Anthony pointed out that the 527 million lb. allocation

for. 1970 was an initial allocation and that Australia would share in

any increase in the total import level of 1061.5 million 113. or in the

allocation of any shortfalls from other supplying countries should these

arise. Australia was guaranteed at least 49.7% of any such increase or

shortfalls .

In 1969, Australia's share of the shortfalls was almost

15 million lb.


13th January, 1970.