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Sheep and wool research-1970/71

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The Hinister for 7rimary Industry, Hr. nthorny, s noutzced

today that he h^cd approved a .orogr mmne of wool economics research for

1970-71, involving the provision of ;1368,840 from the '-` Fool Research

Trust Fund.

a'.ir. i-,nthony said that he had previously approved for the

current year a progr am me of wool production research in excess of

$$6 million and for wool textile research in excess of s'4 million.

The funds now being made available for the economics programme

brings the overall provision for sheep and wool research in 1?70-71

to a total of a pproximately ',„,10.5 million.

Funds are being made available to the CSIRO, State

Departments, Universities and the Bureau of ' ricultural Economics,

for work directed towards more efficient sheep and wool production.

Substantial support is also being made available in the

form of fellowships, post graduate and undergraduate scholarships end,

particularly, to University projects suppor-tin _?ost rsduate training.


25th Se?atember, 1970.