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[Wheat quality]

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MINIS I E R FOR m^aS I ser^ M ' s=^L±iJ^ »»T ^f P R I NIARY I N.,f. Li S r_ Y}

More attention should be given to wheat quality than to

mere bag-filling characteristics, the I•inister for Primary Industry, Mr. Anthony, said today.

Le said kustralials wheat exports were likely to face

increasing competition.

"If we are to compete successfully we must offer a good

product suited to the buyer's requirements," he said-.

Mr. Anthony was opening the 1970 Cereal Chemistry

Conference of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, in Canberra.

He said Australian wheat had a deservedly high reputation

and found ready international acceptance.

However, buyers in some countries had become far more selective, and used the most sophisticated techni%ues and equip-ment to test wheat and wheat products.

"They know what they want, and if we fall behin4 our

competitors in meeting their requirements we will suffer the

consequences," 11r. Anthony said.

he said there was a need to minimise protein loss in the

milling process, and there would be advantages in even a small

flour yields

As the volume needs of the hungry nations were met, more

attention must be given to nutritional standards.

1r. Anthony said there needed to be a continued and

intensified co-operative effort involving the scientist, the grower, the iheat Board, millers, bakers and manufacturers so that

all would know what should and could be done to improve wheat and

wheat products.


18th August, 1970.

[Wheat Quality]