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Swan's promised surplus now a target

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18th September 2011 Wayne Swan must stop finding excuses and commit to delivering his promised Budget surplus in 2012-13.

In a speech titled “No excuses” in London overnight, Mr Swan again weakened his commitment claiming his promise is now a “target”,

“Already we are seeing substantial consequences for Government revenue which makes our target of surplus by 2012-13 more difficult to achieve.”, (Wayne Swan, Address to Austrade and Australian Business, London 17/10/2011)

This is a far cry from his statement on Budget night;

“We will be back in the black by 2012/13, on time, as promised”, (Wayne Swan Budget speech 10/5/2011)

The Treasurer’s promise has since been downgraded to an ‘objective’, an ‘expectation’, a ‘determination’, a ‘guiding principle’ and a ‘plan’.

Then the Treasurer said he’d give it “his best shot” and now it has diminished even further into a target.

It’s time Wayne Swan stopped finding excuses and blaming others

The Treasurer wants you to believe he can deliver a Budget surplus, but as each day goes by there’s increasing doubt that he ever will.

This Labor Government is addicted to higher taxes and higher spending. Australians want an economically responsible and stable government that pays down debt and cuts back on waste.

If the government expects Australians to live within their means, it should do so itself.