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Economic survey of the Australian pig industry

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The Minister for Primary Industry, Mr Anthony,

announced today that the Bureau of Agricultural Economics

is beginning field interviews in Queensland for an economic

survey of the pig industry.

The survey was being undertaken at the request

of pig industry organisations and was agreed to by the

Australian Agricultural Council. It will cover all States.

Mr Anthony said there had been considerable

expansion and changes in the industry in recent years.

Production and consumption of pig meat had increased

markedly and pig numbers were at record levels at about

2.4 million head compared with some 1.7 million five years


He said, "Mos of this increase has occurred

in cereal-growing areas. Herd sizes have also increased.

Over the period 1956 to 1966, the latest year for which

figures are available, the average size of pig herds

almost doubled to 41 and it would appear that this trend

is continuing.

"For many farmers, pig-raising is now an

important source of their income.

"TFor these reasons it is highly desirable

that comprehensive information on the industry be avail-able to Governments and industry organisations."


Mr Anthony said the survey would provide

information covering the three years 1967-68, 1968-69.and

1969-70 on the level of producers' incomes, the importance

of pig-raising as a source of income, movements in pro-duction costs, value of capital invested, breeding and

husbandry practices and other _'actors.

The survey would also investigate the marketing

and distribution of pig meat, in particular the proportion

of pigs sold through the various marketing channels and

the turnover, sources of supply and disposal outlets of

processing firms.

About 700 farms will be visited throughout

Australia during the survey and information will also be

sought from marketing agents, bacon factories, meatworks

and others engaged in the marketing of pigs and pig meat.

Mr Anthony said the survey could be successful

only with the co-operation and good will of all those

approached for information.

Persons supplying information were assured that

any details provided would be confidential to the Bureau.

By co-operating, they would be making a valuable

contribution towards an up-to-date assessment of the

economics of the industry.

.. CANBERRA. A.C.T. 27th July, 1970.