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$798,000 wheat research grants by the Federal Government

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:v PRESS 1' A T E M E N T S^


$798 , 0-- 00 EEAT RESEARCH GR TS



The Minister for Primary Industry, Mr. Anthony,

announced today that he had approved the expenditure

of Commonwealth funds amounting to ',-798, 747 for wheat

research in 1970/71 .

The money will be provided under the heat

Research Scheme which is financed jointly by the

Commonwealth and the Australian wheat industry.

Funds for wheat research are raised by a levy

on wheat delivered to the Australian Vheat Board with a

matching contribution from the Commonwealth. The levy

funds are at the disposal of State eat Industry

Research Committees for research programmes in each

State. Commonwealth ?money is used to finance the pro-

gramme of research recommended by the 1.:heat Industry

Research Council and approved by the I;iinister.

Tire Anthony said "The Council, in making

its recommendations, has made allowance for a possible

further reduction in delivery quotas of wheat by the

provision of reserve funds capable of maintaining the


level of its research programme for several years

ahead. `r

"This could only be done by cutting the

support for existing projects and limiting support

for new research to projects with a high priority"

The Commonwealth allocation provides for

81 projects to be undertaken by the Australian

universities, State Departments of Agriculture, CSIP10

and certain other research institutions. "

T'The programme will cover a broad field of

research. It includes the effect of moisture stress

on plant development, soil fertility problems and

improved fertiliser practices, control of the cereal

root nematodes, wheat diseases, grain storage research

and the biological control of skeleton weed."

"Support is also provided for studies of farm

management accounting systems and post-graduate training

in wheat research and extension work."


15th July, 1970.