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Declaration of drought areas

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• 11. GL.A.RA : I0N OF DROUGHT AR-L- i^.^S

The Minister for Primary Industry, Mir Anthony,

announced today that he had declared further drought

areas in New South Hales, i estern Australia and the

Northern Territory for the purpose of redeeming Drought


Notices of the declarations, which are effective

from 17 June, 1970, appeared in the Commonwealth Gazette

on 25 June, 1970.

Mr Anthony said the declarations cover an area

in the Western Division of New South Jales, an area in

the Eastern Goldfields Division of ,lestern Australia and

areas in the Barkly Tableland and Alice Springs Districts

of the Northern Territory.

He said; "Graziers deriving at least 90% of

their gross farm receipts from sheep or beef cattle may

claim an income tax deduction for subscriptions to

Drought Bonds.

"Bonds may be redeemed on account of drought

when the area in which the bond ho is property is

situated is declared a drought area for this purpose by

the Liini s t er for Primary Industry. Bonds may also be

redeemed during a period of 12:uonths after a declaration

is revoked.


"The proceeds from redemption of Drought Bonds

will be included in the tax-payer's assessable income in

the year in which the Bonds became redeemable."

Per Anthony said explanatory booklets outlining

the operation of the Drought Bonds Scheme may be obtained

at any Post Office.


25 June, 1970.


Ne^v South .[ales

The area comprising the astures Protection

District of Bourke.

Western Australia

The area comprising the Shire of Coolgardie.

Northern Territory

The area comprising Pastoral Lease Nos. 548,

553, 592, 596, 630; the area comprising E'astoral Lease

No. 524, Pastoral Homestead Lease ]o. 1 and Grazing

Licence No. 1965; the area comprising Pastoral Lease

No. 589 and the area comprising Pastoral Lease No. 669.