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Opposition response on projects of concern

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November 28, 2011 ยท

Coalition Welcomes Phased Array Radar Export Boost

The Coalition has welcomed the news today that an innovative Australian radar for our navy frigates has been removed from the Government’s Projects of Concern list.

“This Australian product, which was first approved under the Howard government, has long been seen as having exciting export potential,” Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Materiel, Senator Gary Humphries, said.

“The Opposition called some time ago for Project SEA 1448 Phase 2B (phased array radar) to be removed from the list to maximise the possibility for export.

“We are pleased that the Government has followed our advice.

“It’s hard for Australian companies to compete internationally with credibility while their own Government has them marked as problematic.

“The Government must now follow-though to give this world leading product every chance of international success,” Senator Humphries said.

The phased array radar for the ANZAC frigate Anti-Ship Missile Defence program is produced by Canberra based company, CEA Technologies.

Multi Role Helicopter Added to Projects of Concern List - Which Other Projects Are Falling Behind?

But just as one project was removed from the list, another troubled project was added.

“The Opposition has been calling for some months for the Multi Role Helicopter project to be listed as a Project of Concern,” Senator Humphries said.

“Labor first reviewed this project in early 2011 - the result of which was to commission another review. That second review then recommended the project be added to the Projects of Concern list.

“The MRH should have been given more attention sooner, given it’s strategic importance to our helicopter fleet.

“For Labor to now claim they are responding to Early Indicators and Warnings is just not good enough.

“How many more projects are falling behind schedule or experiencing cost blow-outs that we don’t know about?

“The Opposition has also called for the Air Warfare Destroyers to be added to the list.

“What is the real status of the Air Warfare Destroyer program?” Senator Humphries said.