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Agreement on mutton inspection

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Agreement on Mutton Inspection ks ^ J

Agreement has been reached between Australian and

United States authorities on revised inspection standards

for mutton exported to the United States.

This was announced today by the Iinister for Primary

Industry, Mr. Anthony.

He said his department would introduce the new

inspection standards at all abattoirs on July 1.

"It will naturally take time to adjust to the new standards, but it is expected that they will be fully effective

within two weeks of their introduction," Mr. Anthony said,

"At the same time, the abattoirs will be implementing the revised slaughtering and dressing procedures which have been drawn up.

HAS soon as it is clear that the new procedures are operating effectively we will immediately ask the U.S.

reviewers to carry ou+, re-inspections of abattoirs with a

view to their being reinstated for mutton exports,

"Should any abattoir be ready for re-inspection in less than two weeks from the introduction of the new standards

we would ask for earlier re-inspection."

Canberra, 23rd June, 1970.