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Appointment of members of the Australian Wool Board

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Statement by the Acting Minister for Primary Industry, the Hon. P.J. Nixon

The Acting Minister for Primary Industry,

T:Tr. P.J. Nixon, announced today the appointment of

I:Iessrs. F.R. Howell, S.S. Nevile and JJ ^ ` .Id. I:iacDiarmid as

members of the Australian 'Wool Board for the three year

period commencing 1st May, 1970.

Mr. Nixon said. "Messrs. Howell and

MacDiarmid will be two of the six members representing

woolgrowers on the Board and have been appointed on the

nomination of the Australian Wool Industry Conference.

".dr. I:IacDiarmid has been appointed in

place of Lr. P.A. McBride who did not seek reappointment.

'Mr. Nevile is one of the three members

with special qualifications and has been appointed from a

panel of names submitted to me by the Australian Wool

Industry Conference.

'Mr. Howell and Mr. Nevile have served

on the Woo]. Board since its establishment in May 1963 and

have given able and loyal service to the Wool Board.

"Their reappointment ensures that their

knowledge and experience will continue to be available to

the Board.



"Mr. MlacDiar !id's wide experience in

the wool industry both as a woolgrower and as an office-bearer for some time in important industry organisations

fit him well for his appointment to the Wool Board."

Mr. Nixon paid tribute to the contribution

made by Mr. McBride to the Board's work. He said that

Mr. McBride, as one of the original members of the Board,

had played an important part in the development of the.

Board's activities.


April 29, 1970.

Biographical Notes on Mr. MacDiarmid

Born in Sydney, educated at Sydney Grammar. Enlisted in R.A.A.F. in 1942. Studied veterinary science at Sydney University post-war. Returned to grazing industry in 1948. Merino sheep and Hereford cattle breeder. Has properties

in the A.C.T. and on the Monaro. Has been active in Graziers' Association of M.S.W. for many years. President of Association since August 1968. Executive member of 4

Australian Woolgrowers' and Grazierst Council, representative of Australian Woolgrowers' and Graziers' Council on Australian Wool Industry Conference and shareholder in Australian 'Wool Marketing Corporation Pty. Ltd.

Note for Editors

Under the Wool Industry Act 1962-1967, the Australian ,76ol Board consists of 11 members, including the Chairman. Members of the Board are appointed for a term of three years. However, the Act provides for rotating the appointment of woolgrower representatives and members with special qualifications. Under the rotation provisions two of the six members representing woolgrowers and one of the three members with special qualifications retire each year.