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Government will help form wool marketing authority plans

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' .rf 2,- I APR he finis er for primary Industry, Mr. Anthony, has

offered the services of his department in helping the wool

industry prepare proposals for a single wool !Marketing authority.

• He told the House of representatives he hoped a proposal

could be put forward which would be acceptable to the Government.

Mr. Anthony was replying to a question by Mr. Hallett

(O.F., W.A.), who aired ]aim what steps the Government would take to implement the in a.ustry's decision in favour of a single authority.

Mr. Anthony said he was aware from Press reports of the

decision, but had not yet any direct advice, although he expected he would in the near future.

"It is not quite clear what the industry has in mind as

to how this authority might be operated, or what might be the

functions of the authority," he said.

"I this k it is clearly recognised now throughout the

( industry that the present auction s y stem is rather out of

date for modern merchandising met-hods and requirements.

"What Vie organisations have in mind is some strengthening of the proposal that was put for the interlotting of one, two and three bales; that there be standards for clip

preparation and presentation; that there ought to be some

development of other methods of selling wool apart from this

auction system and that there be methods of negotiating sales

and contract arrangements under which the user might be

assured of continuity of supplies over a period of time at some agreed price.

"I think this is the sort of uroposal they have in mind.

"My department stands ready to aid the wool industry organisations and the Australian fool Board in the preparation

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of proposals that might be practical} workable and sensible.

'I would like to take this opportunity to say it is very

pleasing indeed, and I an sure a great relief to everybody

in the wool industry, that for the first time there is

agreement between the wool industry organisations.

For too many years the industry has been d,vided, There

has been great acrimony and dissension on'-the question of the marketing of wool, and now for the first time we see-them

getting together and putting forward a proposal,

nI hope it will be acceptable to the Government®°'


23rd April 1970