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Animal Feedstuffs Collating Centre

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Animal Peedstuffs Coll atin Centre

The NLinister for Primazy Industry, Mr. Anthony, accounced

today that his department had undertaken to establish an Animal Feed-stuffs Collating Centre on an Australia -wide basis.

He said the Centre would provide information or feedstuff

components for use by stock feed manufacturers, livestock producers

and research organizations.

The establishment of the Centre followed a decision by the

Australian Agricultural Council's Standing Committee on Agriculture,

The feedstuffs industry in Australia was developing rapidly

in size and sophistioatian and a large range of manufactured feeds was

available to meet the needs of livestock producers.

Mr. ianthony said: "It has been decided to adopt, with minor

modifications, the methods of feedstuff clessifioation and recording

devised by the National Reseerch Council of the United States of ,America."

"This system is widely used in the U.S.A. and Canada and is

Currently being extem3.ed to include data from Latin ,American countries.

Adoption of the N.R.C. system of classification and methods of analysis

will enable the best use to be made of past and future work in Australia

and the Americas and undoubtedly will, with wider acceptance of the sys-tem by other countries, facilitate international trade in livestock

feed ngstuffs."

Mr. .Anthony said the Department was currently approaching

laboratories in all States seeking information on the amount of data


which would be available to the Centre.

This would be important for effective Logistics planning and

to make arrangements for computer facilities.

"Discussions are taking place in the U.S.A. and Australia on

aspects of the compilation of data," Mr. Anthony said.

"Meetings of chemists, nutritionists and appropriate research

and industrial specialists have discussed terhn.;cal aspects of the

scheme, which involves the collation of the results of analyses of feed-stuffs carried out by I abarataries throughout Australia and the publica-tion of these results."

"In the long run it will be the livestock producer who will

benefit as the end user of stock feed."

"The feedstuff processor can also make effective use of this

data to formulate least-cost mixtures and research workers will have

more information avail able . "

"As the greater the mount of data supplied by laboratories

the more useful will be the pooled results prepared by the Centre, the

interest of the industrial and governmental laboratories is apparent

and full cooperation is expected."

C annerxa,

1Yth AprL ., 1970.