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Point and click for your local SA weather forecast

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S e n a t o r t h e H o n D o n F a r r e l l

P a r l i a m e n t a r y S e c r e t a r y f o r S u s t a i n a b i l i t y a n d U r b a n W a t e r


DF12/011 27 March 2012


South Australians can now access seven-day weather forecasting services for their local area with the click of a mouse, thanks to a major upgrade across the State from today.

Launching the new Forecast Explorer service from the Bureau of Meteorology’s Adelaide office, Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and Urban Water, Senator Don Farrell, said it provides detailed weather information previously only available in major cities and regional centres.

“For the first time, South Australians will be able to point and click for 7-day, online, map-based forecasts anywhere in the State,” he said.

“These quality-controlled forecasts include maximum and minimum temperatures, the likelihood of rain, and rainfall totals for any location. Forecast Explorer also features access to 4-day forecasts of wave and wind conditions on South Australia’s coastal waters.”

Online maps will show weather forecast predictions for different times during the day, providing an easy to use tool by which South Australians can plan their weather-sensitive activities, simply by pointing and clicking at any point in a six-kilometre grid.

“Forecast Explorer is certain to be a valuable resource for the State’s agricultural producers and resources sectors, which rely heavily on accurate weather information in everyday decision making,” Senator Farrell said.

“As a proud South Australian, I’m excited about how useful this new Forecast Explorer service will be for people in all walks of life, across the State.”

Highlights of the new weather services for South Australia include:

 Detailed 7-day forecasts for 28 towns across the State from today;  Extension of this service to more than 60 towns by the middle of 2012;  7-day forecasts for any location in the State; and  4-day forecasts for any location within the SA coastal water zones.

Forecast Explorer is a part of the Bureau's Next Generation Forecast and Warning System which is being rolled out across Australia. All states will have the new system by 2014.