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Meat exports to United States

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i-r. !-,l E zr . 1 ,'.,r!l C+ T1-1 T r-1 --i'* \ rv, 1 ^ ry7IS

(Statement by the -)eputy Prime Minister and I1 1in_ister

for Trade end Industry9 hr. J 031'_ 1\Ic wem)

hei2 aelce d to comment today on the announcement by the TT S, e' y agriculture that United S s tales impo r t "ecr g ar of :: ^.

of beef, veal, and mutton in 1970 were estimated at 1061.5

million lb., Yr. Uc r,,en said he was both pleased and disappointed.

Mr. Mc-wen explained that within the total figure of

1061.5 million lb, there was an allowance ce for imports from

Australia of 5272 million lYJe This compare 'i`J1 s initial

allocation to Australia i n 1969 of 505 r.illio n lb. or an increase of some 22 million lb. T i_~ figure repreeants a share for

Australia of 49 c,,; estimatedU.S. and is slightly 1 ,7,. of ti p_: ^ d ?^ ^. :°?e.,.^ i-snort: a. _n i^ - s1 i^htly More than the 4B.3 share allocated ;,a Australia in 1969.

However, dire 1 cTL7en expressed disappointment that

Au stralia t s share of the U.S. .-eat inmost market under the 1970

allocation was not more representative of the share of the market

which Australia had su pplied under unrestricted trading conditions,

Mr. ?;ic•wen added that the was also disappointed that the United States still considered it necessary to restrict meat

imports to 1061.5 million lb, at a time when tight supply Condit-

io ns are prevailing in the U. e meat market and ;)°ices arc high.

hr, i e_{ , gun a1..sO .aid the c i the event of the level of total permitted ._ports 'being. i _cre-^sad., or if thore are any

reallocations within th.o 1061.5 million Lb. figure, Australia would receiv e , at least 4 9.7`,` of any such increases or reallocation;

He said that the arrangements for access for Austral ,n

meat into the United 3t:tatcs i n 1970 wore the result of constant 7 ' y representatives of the Australian G ,; ,- negotiations by repro: ulx,,^ ^ ^f. ^=ov^.r^^1^_ a_^d eat industry with U.S. Officials in recent months. Under the terms of thearrangement there was scope f or continuing consul-

tL^tio , s between the two countries during Wh it h Australia would be _

J' n l , access the Unit States 1 seeka.,^ f, improved, c..^^^ conditions of :_^cc^N,, in ^^;^- market.

Mr. 1CT: cn concluded by saying ^- r great importance on the U.S. meet market prices prevailing in the United States t:

in export revenue to the Australian meat U.S. in 1970 of around 220m.

13th January 1970

that ;Australia placed

and with the current high

ac arrangement would result industry from sales to the

Canberra, A.C.T.

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