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Merino export embargo

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The Minister for Primary Industry, Mr. Anthony, announced

today . that the recommendation by the Australian Wool Industry Con erence for the limited relaxation, subject to stringent conditions, of the merino export embargo would now be implemented.

He said the Government's earlier decision to adopt the Conference's recommendation had not been put into effect pending the possibility of reconsideration of the matter by the Conference.

The Government had now been advised by the Executive of the Conference that it could see no reason for the Conference

to reconsider the issue.

Mr. Anthony said the Government's decision on the matter in March last year had been followed by opposition from a section of 1,,iool groviers .

So that these growers could register their objections with the Conference and the Conference, if it found good

reason to do so, could reconsider the matter, the Government had delayed the implementation of its decision.

Mr. Anthony said the partial relaxation of the embargo

would become effective as from let February, '1970.

This would mean that the relaxation would be in force for the Sydney Stud Sheep Sales scheduled to commence on 5th February.

'The administrative arrangements which will apply in respect of t h e partial relaxation have been worked out with the Australian Association of Stud Merino Breeders," Mr. Anthony said.

"Of the 300 rams which will be permitted to be sold for export in the first year, a ceiling will be placed on the number which can be sold at the Sydney Stud Sheep Sales.


"This ceiling will be determined in consultation with the Australian Association of Stud Merino Breeders and

announced by the As.sociation.1

Mr. Anthony said the Government had agreed on 20th March last year to adopt the recoimiiendation of the Wool Industry

Conference for a partial relaxation of the embargo -- a

recommendation made only after the Conference had obtained authoritative information and opinion on all aspects of the

embargo and considered the matter in depth.

"The Government considers that adegW1te opportunity has now been afforded for any review of the matter by the Wool Industry Conference," he said.

"In view of this, and having regard to the previous thorough consideration of the question by the Conference, as well as the fact that the Government has now received advice from the Executive of the Conference that it can see no reason for the Conference to reconsider the issue, the Government has decided to give effect to its previous decision."

Canberra 15th January, 1970.


The conditions governing the relaxation of the merino export embargo are as follows

(i) Export approvals will be issued. only for merino rams that have been sold at public auction sales nominated by the State member associations of the Australian Association of Stud i.Ieri no Breeders.

(ii) The prohibition on the export of merino ewes and semen will be continued.

(iii) A prohibition will be placed on the export of fertilized merino ova,

(iv) Not more than 300 merino rams will be allowed to be exported in the first twelve months from the date on which the relaxation has been made effective.

(v) Conditions (i) and (iv) will be reviewed annually by the Australian Tool Industry Conference which will recommend to the Government any alterations it may consider desirable.