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Dried vine fruit stabilisation plan rejected by growers

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The Elinister for Primary Industry, Mr. Anthony, announced today that the Commonwealth Government's offer of a stabilisation plan for the dried vine fruits industry had been

rejected by growers at a referendum recenti.y_conducted by the Commonwealth Electoral Office.

He said that although 65% of the growers who voted

were in favour of the plan, only two—thirds of eligible growers had cast their vote. This meant that, overall, only 42% of eligible growers had voted "yes".

hr. Anthony said that, before the referendum, the

Government had stipulated that the proposed plan would have to be accepted at a referendum by a majority of growers

entitled to vote before the plan could be introduced.

He said. "It is naturally a disappointment to the

Government to see a plan ;which represented the outcome of

almost twelve months + negotiations between industry leaders and the Government not accepted by a majority of growers generally.

"However, it is the i.n.duslry' S dwn dedision" .

Mr. Anthony said 3,745 growers throughout Australia were eligible to vote in the referendum, but only 2,437 formal

'ballot papers were returned to the Electoral Office.

"y es" votes cast totalled 1,578, and "no" votes 859.

He said the pattern of voting in N.S.W., Victoria and South Australia was very similar, with between 60% and 66% "yes"votes being cast. In =Testern Australia 80% of voters cast

„ yes" votes.


24th March, 1970