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No plan to destroy Canadian wheat

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There was no truth in reports that wheat was to be

destroyed in Canada, the Minister for Primary Industry, Mr.

Anthony, said in Parliament today.

Replying to a question by Mr. R.J. Hunt (C.P., N.S.W.), Mr. Anthony said the Canadian Government had announced a program to try to reduce the very heavy wheat stockpiles in that country.

"The extent of the problem of the wheat industry in

Canada almost dwarfs the very serious problem-in Australia," he said.

"The latest estimate puts Canada's stockholdings at about 950 million bushels by July this year, which is an all-time

record,. and about 150 million bushels more than stockpiles in the

United States.

The Canadian Government proposes to offer an inducement

to farmers to leave their wheat land fallow by paying them $6 an

acre for land that is not used.

"In addition, anybody who diversifies and uses his wheat

land for permanent pasture for grazing will receive 310 an acre."

Mr. Anthony said the seriousness of this program was

realised when compared with existing measures.

He said. "In Canada they have a, system whereby every grain grower is given a permit book.

"This entitles him to a basic quota of 400 bushels of

wheat, or a corresponding amount of barley, oats or rye.

"But on top of that he has a quota of so many bushels per acre. For 1968-69 the figure was six bushels per acre, and

I believe it is going to be reduced to four bushels per acre in


"That does not mean that will be the actual area of wheat

grown, but it certainly is the number of crop acres applying to

a farm".

Canberra, 17th March, 1970.