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Coalition amendment is a vote for democracy

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Media Release The Hon Greg Hunt MP Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage 11 October 2011 Coalition Amendment is a Vote for Democracy The Coalition will this afternoon put forward an amendment to give the people an immediate say on the commencement of the Carbon Tax. The amendment will be introduced into the Parliament following further debate on the legislation today and prior to a vote on the 19 pieces of legislation tomorrow. The amendment will require the proclamation of the Carbon Tax legislation to be dependent on the result of the next election. Whether you support or oppose a carbon tax, everyone can support giving people the say which they were denied at the last election. The amendment is an opportunity for the Prime Minister and the Labor Members of Parliament to honour their commitment to the electorate at the last election, not to introduce a Carbon Tax. The next election will be a referendum on the Carbon Tax. If the Labor Government rejects this amendment, it is clearly saying it has no intention of allowing the community a say on this $105 billion tax. They denied the people a say at the last election and it looks like they are determined to do it again. If the Prime Minister believes in this legislation she could make its passage contingent on the result of the next election and bring that election forward. Media contact: Wendy Black 0418 532 534