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Government must extend deadline for submissions on Carbon Tax

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Media Release The Hon Greg Hunt MP Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage 22 September 2011 Government Must Extend Deadline for Submissions on Carbon Tax The Government must immediately extend the deadline for submissions on the Carbon Tax legislation. The current deadline for submissions is close of business today. This is completely inadequate considering the importance of the legislation, the enormous complexity and detail of the 19 pieces of legislation involved, and that it is only four working days since the advertisements were placed notifying people of the opportunity to respond. We appeal to the Prime Minister to give people a say on this tax. Unfortunately all we are seeing is a pattern of behaviour where Australian’s basic democratic rights are being taken away. Revised modelling on the Carbon Tax was presented to the Committee inquiry only minutes before it met yesterday. How can this allow for a thorough analysis of this $105 billion tax? The Prime Minister deceived the Australian people at the last election by saying there would be no Carbon Tax. She is continuing to ignore community opposition and has now confessed that she will continue to snub the Australian people by committing a future Labor Government to a Carbon Tax. At every turn, Labor is doing all it can to stop community input. However if Australians are to pay the tax, they deserve a say. The Coalition remains committed to making the next election a referendum on the Carbon Tax, and if re-elected, will repeal the legislation. This is a debate about getting the policy right on reducing Australia’s greenhouse emissions. The Coalition’s Direct Action Plan will reduce those emissions by cleaning up our own local environment, while Labor’s is based on sending $3.5 billion on foreign carbon credits by 2020. Media contact: Wendy Black 0418 532 534