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The truth is out about Telstra.

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The truth is out about Telstra

In the past week it has been made abundantly clear to the Government what rural Australians have known for some time - Telstra services are not up to scratch.

On Wednesday confidential internal Telstra documents were released that reveal telecommunications services in regional Australia are not only not up to scratch, they are getting worse. These documents show that faults in Telstra’s network are at a six year high and that the fault rate has been increasing since June 2001, and has accelerated in the last nine months of 2003.

Today the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) has conceded that 11% of Telstra services had a fault in 2003.

In June last year the ACA stated:

During that time (2003), the percentage of (Telstra) services without a fault at the national level remained at around 99 per cent while the percentage of services available nationally was about 99.9 per cent.

However today the ACA issued a statement saying that:

Telstra’s performance for 12 months of 2003 … was now known to be just over 89 per cent of services without a fault.

“No amount of Government propaganda will convince regional Australians that Telstra’s services are up to scratch,” said NSW Senator Ursula Stephens. “The Government’s own case for selling Telstra has now been blown out of the water by the ACA as well as Telstra. Telstra must get back to basics, invest in their network and provide all Australians with decent telecommunications services.”

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