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Australians' replies to Howard's terrorism kits tabled in Senate.

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Kerry Nettle, Senator for New South Wales


Australians’ replies to Howard’s terrorism kits tabled in Senate

Messages to the Prime Minister written on returned Government ‘Anti-Terrorism’ kits have been compiled and tabled by Senator Nettle this afternoon. The messages were accepted by the Government and will be passed on to the Prime Minister.

The Government refused to accept the 300 returned kits Senator Nettle took into the Senate chamber.

“I am pleased that Senator Ian Campbell has given an undertaking to pass these messages on to the Prime Minister.

“In spite of government action to have the returned kits destroyed, John Howard will now have the opportunity to hear concerns of the community.

“Obviously, the Australian people feel patronised by these kits, which send a message of fear that undermines the fabric of multicultural Australia.

“The return of the kits in massive numbers represents a rejection of the Governments at best cosmetic and at worst cynical approach to the very real and serious issues of global security.

“The Government should take the advice offered by many of the respondents and act on the international stage to address the causes of terrorism, and most importantly to oppose a war in Iraq which will surely exacerbate the problem.

The Greens have recommend a commitment to international legal institutions, vigorous support and advocacy for global human rights standards, and an active role in achieving a just peace in the Middle East as the kind of positive steps that governments ought to adopt in the struggle against terrorism.

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