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OECD: Rudd/Gillard Government fiddle jobs figures.

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Senator Eric Abetz Liberal Senator for Tasmania Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations  

OECD - Rudd/Gillard Government Fiddle Jobs Figures Tuesday, 13 July 2010 14:31

No amount of spin and phoney rhetoric from Labor can hide the real truth of Labor’s failures.

The latest report from the OECD is just the latest independent body to slam the Rudd/Gillard Government

handling of the Australian economy.

The OECD’s annual Employment Outlook highlights the hidden truth about Australia’s labour market - the

truth that Julia Gillard and Labor have attempted to hide from the Australian people.

The report shows serious flaws in what Labor would have the Australian people believe and that

Australia’s overall employment rates are far worse than the unemployment figures Labor so loudly

trumpeted just days ago would suggest.

The report also found that of the 27 rich OECD countries, Australia ranks a lowly 20th in the number of

prime-age workers.

Even worse, the OECD found, that under Labor, while part time employment rates are high, the number

of full time jobs has plummeted, with 21 percent of people of prime working age having no jobs at all.

Wayne Swan and Julia Gillard might think they can pull the wool over the eyes of the Australian

electorate by spinning and fiddling the figures but the cold hard truth is that working Australians are

finding it tougher every day under this Labor Government.

Is this what the Rudd/Gillard Government meant by economic conservatism, plunging the nation into

billions of dollars of dollars in debt and destroying the hopes and dreams of millions of Australians by

making it impossible afford a home or find a job?

Meantime Julia Gillard’s advice today to working Australians, struggling with the escalating costs of

Labor’s policies, is to “keep your receipts”, and everything will be ok later on.

I’ve got news for you Ms Gillard, you can’t eat your receipts, receipts won’t clothe your children, and

receipts won’t pay your bills.

The stark reality of life under Labor faced by thousands of unemployed Australians, sitting down around

their dinner tables tonight is happening right now