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Gender composition of Australian parliaments by party: a quick guide

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Gender composition of Australian parliaments by party: a quick guide Kate Laing and Anna Hough Politics and Public Administration

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This Quick Guide provides an update to tables showing the composition of Australian parliaments by party and gender (see Tables 1 and 2 below) since the last version was published on 23 January 2023.


Senate Senator Jim Molan (LIB, NSW) died in office on 16 January 2023. The casual vacancy has not yet been filled.

Senator Lidia Thorpe (Vic.) announced on 6 February 2023 that she was leaving the Australian Greens to sit as an independent.

House of Representatives A by-election in the electorate of Aston (Vic.) resulting from the resignation of Alan Tudge (LIB) was held on Saturday 1 April 2023, and was won by Mary Doyle (ALP).

New South Wales Following the general election held on 25 March 2023, women now comprise:

40.9% of the Legislative Assembly

45.2% of the Legislative Council

42.5% of the NSW parliament as a whole

For the first time in NSW the Ministry has gender parity with 11 of 22 positions filled by women.

Gender composition of Australian parliaments by party: a quick guide 2


Legislative Council On 27 March 2023 Moira Deeming (Western Metropolitan) was suspended from the Liberal party room for nine months and now sits as an Independent Liberal.

Legislative Assembly A supplementary election in the Narracan District following the death of a candidate during the election campaign period was held on 28 January 2023, which was won by Wayne Farnham (LIB).

Western Australia

Legislative Council Alannah MacTiernan (ALP, South West Region) resigned from parliament on 10 February 2023. She was replaced by Ben Dawkins on 20 March 2023, who now sits as an independent after being expelled by the ALP.

South Australia

Legislative Council Stephen Wade (LIB) resigned from parliament on 27 January 2023 and was replaced by Ben Hood (LIB).

Northern Territory A by-election for the seat of Arafura on 18 March 2023 following the death of Lawrence Costa (ALP) was won by Manuel Brown (ALP).

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