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East Timor.

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The Australian Greens

East Timor The Australian Greens believe that Australia must assist with the rebuilding of East Timor, after 24 years of destructive occupation by the Indonesian military, by:

1. helping to strengthen East Timor’s local institutions, civil society and local governance

2. negotiating in good faith with the East Timorese government to determine maritime boundaries, in accordance with the median line principles of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)

3. rapidly establishing fair maritime boundaries to give East Timor a just share of the revenue from oil and gas fields under the Timor Sea and the opportunity to escape continued debt and poverty

4. using (along with other governments) continued military cooperation with the Indonesian military as a bargaining counter to convince the Indonesian Government to bring all war criminals in its ranks to justice before an international tribunal instead of trying them before the Indonesian-controlled Jakarta Human Rights Court.

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