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Work, including employment.

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The Australian Greens

Work, including Employment The Australian Greens’ vision is one where work, leisure and income are all shared equitably.

The Australian Greens define work as any purposeful activity and employment as paid work. We define unemployment a s t h e l a c k o f p a i d w o r k f o r a n y o n e w h o w i s h e s t o e n g a g e i n i t . T h e unemployed, therefore, include those who are underemployed and those who are discouraged from seeking employment in the formal workforce.

The Australian Greens believe that unemployed people can make a useful contribution to society. We support those who choose not to seek employment but contribute to society through other productive, economic and/or socially useful unpaid work.

There are many examples of socially and environmentally sustainable work that improves society. Many areas of manufacturing and services could be encouraged, while taking careful account of the need for such activities to be environmentally and socially positive or at least benign.

1. Principles

The Australian Greens believe in, and are committed to:

1.1 equal access to paid work, depending on ability and irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity or religion

1.2 suitable remuneration

1.3 the potential of all people to contribute to improving the community, whether or not they are employed

1.4 constraints on globalisation for important environmental, social and economic reasons.

2. Goals

The Australian Greens will work towards:

2.1 full employment, meaning the availability of safe, socially useful, environmentally benign, adequately paid work for all those who wish to engage in it

2.2 shorter standard working hours, a fairer sharing of paid work and a reversal of current trends towards increased unpaid overtime

2.3 redressing discrimination and inequality across the spectrum of work, and promoting equitable participation in the labour force by all Australians regardless of gender, age or ethnicity

2.4 economic growth that is environmentally and socially sustainable.

The Australian Greens aim for an economy in which:

2.5 people enjoy self-esteem, security and material comfort whether or not they have paid jobs

2.6 educational, recreational and creative opportunities and resources are provided for all people, regardless of age and whether or not they are employed

2.7 actions that are positive for society and the environment are valued whether they are paid for in the formal economy or carried out in the informal sector.

3. Short Term Targets

The Australian Greens will:

3.1 promote employment growth through the creation of ecologically sustainable industries

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The Australian Greens

3.2 pursue policies through which paid work is distributed more equitably than at present

3.3 support patterns of work which facilitate the sharing of employment and provide time to improve people’s quality of life

3.4 oppose the casualisation of the workforce

3.5 support the redefinition of unemployment to ensure that official data include all those who are unable to find employment, are under-employed or are discouraged from seeking formal employment

3.6 promote legislation preventing discrimination against people who are not in formal employment.

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