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Biological diversity.

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Biological Diversity

Policy Category: A. Environment Issued: June 2008


The Australian Greens believe that:

1. biodiversity, ecosystems and ecosystem processes maintain Earth’s life support systems,

including the climate system.

2. the protection and conservation of biodiversity is essential for the wellbeing of all life on Earth,

including human life.

3. the loss of Australia’s biodiversity poses an unacceptable threat to human and ecosystem health,

and dramatically reduces our ability to cope with major ecological threats such as climate


4. protected areas are vital to the preservation of Australia’s biodiversity, and therefore to the

health and wellbeing of all Australians.

5. habitat loss and fragmentation, together with the spread of alien invasive species exacerbated by

climate change, are the greatest threats to the biodiversity of the planet.


The Australian Greens want:

6. Australia’s biological diversity (in ecosystem, species and genetic diversity) to be maintained.

7. a comprehensive, adequate and representative system of terrestrial, freshwater and marine

protected areas (MPAs), including all remaining areas of high conservation value, managed

primarily to protect biodiversity.

8. effective habitat management, including ecologically appropriate use of fire.

9. protection from accidental or deliberate introduction of exotic plants, animals and organisms

which pose a threat to Australia’s biodiversity, agriculture or human health.

10. protection, restoration and extension of the habitats of Australia’s native animals including

marine and riverine species.


The Australian Greens will:

11. promote the application of ecologically sustainable development (ESD) and the precautionary


12. introduce national measures to end broadscale clearing and incremental loss of native


13. establish buffer zones in high conservation areas, and link and restore ecological fragments on

public and private land.

14. fund and enforce recovery plans for threatened and endangered species and ecological


15. fund and enforce threat abatement plans for nationally listed threatening processes.

Ecological Sustainability Social Justice Peace and Non Violence Grassroots Democracy

16. increase funding to biosecurity services to anticipate new alien invasive species threats posed by

climate change and expanded pathways resulting from globalised trade and travel.

17. increase funding for research into humane and sustainable means of controlling existing and

potential threats to biodiversity from feral animals, weeds and pest species.

18. increase and enforce penalties for the killing and/or capture of nationally listed threatened and

endangered species, and for deliberate habitat destruction.

19. support programs that work with private landowners to protect and restore nature conservation

values on their land, including conservation covenants.

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