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Social services.

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Social Services

Policy Category: D. Care for People Issued: June 2008


The Australian Greens believe that:

1. a socially just, democratic and sustainable society rests on the provision of a guaranteed

adequate income for all its citizens.

2. everyone has the right to access adequate resources to allow them to fully participate in society.

3. everyone should have access to social services when they need them.

4. every Australian has the right to access good quality health care, housing and income support.

5. community not-for-profit organisations fulfil an important role in the provision of social

services and must be supported and funded accordingly.


The Australian Greens want:

6. the eradication of poverty in Australia.

7. income equity and social justice.

8. equitable provision of basic services, at local government, state and federal levels, with

particular attention to housing, health and education.

9. adequate and secure funding for not-for-profit welfare and advocacy organisations that work to

alleviate poverty and improve social conditions in disadvantaged communities.

10. adequate funding for training and education programs to allow all Australians to access

meaningful work.

11. high quality impartial agencies providing social services.

12. the establishment of a government agency with specific responsibility for the not-for-profit

sector with oversight for resource and service delivery.


The Australian Greens will:

13. adopt a commonly agreed, national benchmark to measure poverty in Australia.

14. reform the social security system to ensure an adequate income for all.

15. simplify the system of targeted pensions and allowances into a universal guaranteed adequate

income (GAI) scheme.

16. support disadvantaged individuals and communities through specific public and community

development housing, health, education and public transport programs.

17. conduct an ongoing evaluation program which measures the effectiveness of social welfare

outcomes throughout Australia against public policy initiatives.

18. support an active not-for-profit sector that is able to provide direct advice to government on

social services.

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