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Policy Category: C. Climate Change and Energy FINAL NOVEMBER 2009

Ecological Sustainability Social Justice Peace and Non Violence Grassroots Democracy

Principles The Australian Greens believe that:

1. there is a strong link between the mining and export of uranium and nuclear weapons proliferation.

2. the consequences of the use of nuclear weapons, or of catastrophic accidents at, or terrorist attacks on, nuclear power stations, are so great that the risks are unacceptably high.

3. future generations must not be burdened with high level radioactive waste.

4. nuclear power is not a safe, clean, timely, economic or practical solution to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.

5. Australia's reliance on the US nuclear weapons 'umbrella' lends our bases, ports and infrastructure to the US nuclear war fighting apparatus.

Goals The Australian Greens want:

6. a nuclear-free Australia.

7. a nuclear-free world.

8. safe, long-term containment of Australia’s existing nuclear waste.

9. the elimination of nuclear weapons through a Nuclear Weapons Convention.

10. the elimination of depleted uranium weapons.

11. safe, ecologically sustainable energy options.


The Australian Greens will:

12. end the exploration for, and the mining and export of, uranium.

13. maintain the prohibition on the processing and enrichment of uranium in Australia.

14. prohibit the import and export of nuclear waste and fuel rods.

15. prohibit the reprocessing of Australian nuclear fuel rods.

16. promote the development of non-reactor technologies for the production of radioisotopes for medical and scientific purposes.

17. close the OPAL nuclear reactor at Lucas Heights.

18. ensure that nuclear waste is stored with minimal risk and is monitored above ground, in dry storage at or near the site of generation.

19. require uranium mining companies to meet enforceable standards to safely contain and to monitor their radioactive tailings wastes for at least 10,000 years.

20. require uranium mining companies to rehabilitate mining sites.

AUSTRALIAN GREENS POLICY: Climate Change and Energy (cont’d)

21. immediately close Australia’s ports and territorial waters to nuclear-powered or nuclear-armed vessels.

22. prohibit the treatment of food with ionising radiation (food irradiation), and the importation of such food.

23. support compensation for the victims of British nuclear weapons testing in Australia.

24. support the creation of nuclear weapon free zones, municipalities and ports.

25. strengthen the radiation security and preparedness of Australia's airports and ports.