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Natural resources.

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Natural Resources

Policy Category: B. Agriculture and Natural Resources Issued: June 2008


The Australian Greens believe that:

1. Australia’s natural resources must be managed in accordance with the principles of intergenerational

equity, biodiversity conservation and respect for the traditional ownership of Aboriginal and Torres

Strait Islander peoples.

2. the management of Australia’s natural resources must ensure the sovereignty and independence of

future generations.

3. resource extraction decisions must be guided by rigorous environmental and social impact

assessment and by the precautionary principle.

4. climate change must be a central consideration in the management of forests, fisheries and mining.

Forests, Plantations and Wood Products


The Australian Greens want:

5. recognition of the essential role played by mature forest ecosystems in wildlife habitat, carbon

storage and water supply.

6. a sustainable and productive wood products industry on public and private land that maintains or

enhances the resilience of natural ecosystems.

7. a high value-adding wood products industry that creates long-term skilled jobs and social

sustainability in regional communities.

8. an end to the destruction of old-growth forests and other forests of high conservation value.

9. tax arrangements which do not advantage plantations over other crops.

10. world’s best practice certified farm-scale plantation forestry.

11. a diversity of species in plantations.


The Australian Greens will:

12. end the export of woodchips and whole logs from native forests.

13. end the logging of high conservation value native forests and wildlife habitats.

14. end logging in native forests except, once export woodchipping from them is banned, in limited

areas where small volumes of timber can be taken from defined areas under strict conditions and for

specialty purposes.

15. prohibit the use of native forests for electricity generation.

16. nominate Australia’s qualifying ancient forests for listing on the National and/or World Heritage


Ecological Sustainability Social Justice Peace and Non Violence Grassroots Democracy



17. abolish Regional Forest Agreements and replace the Commonwealth Regional Forest Agreements

Act 2002 to ensure that forests, plantations and the wood productions industry are treated equally

with other activities under environmental law.

18. implement a national wood products industry plan that will complete the transition from native

forests to existing plantations, including retraining and other assistance for workers and the

development of sustainable alternative fibre industries.



The Australian Greens want:

19. the management of recreational and commercial fisheries to maintain sustainable populations and

fisheries, and to minimise the environmental impacts of fishing.

20. protection of fish nursery habitat.

21. environmentally benign aquaculture industries.

22. a strategy to maintain adequate, biologically representative ‘no-take’ areas within each fishery

and/or marine bioregion for the conservation of marine biodiversity and fish stocks.


The Australian Greens will:

23. complete the independent ecological assessment of Australia’s commercial fisheries under the

provisions of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

24. expand fisheries assessments to all Australian fisheries, including recreational fisheries, and develop

and implement a national framework for managing recreational and charter fishing.

25. increase the number of Australia's marine reserves, particularly where these improve the resilience

of vulnerable fish populations.

26. strengthen and continue Australia’s proactive stance on illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing,

including assisting in the development of alternative employment opportunities for impoverished

communities now relying on the illegal trade.

27. in cooperation with the states and territories, develop a nationally agreed framework for the

assessment and regulation of aquaculture developments based on ecosystems management


28. implement a moratorium on deep-sea bottom trawling in Australian waters and require by-catch

reduction in all trawl fisheries.

29. maintain adequate, biologically representative ‘no-take’ areas within each fishery and/or marine


30. ban all factory-ship based fishing in Australian pelagic fisheries.

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Mining and Mineral Exploration


The Australian Greens want:

31. a viable mining and mineral exploration sector that meets stringent environmental protection


32. all mining activity to be consistent with the desires and needs of affected Aboriginal and Torres

Strait Islander peoples.


The Australian Greens will:

33. ensure that environmental and social impact assessments are rigorously applied and implemented on

all mining proposals and projects.

34. prohibit the exploration for, and mining and export of, uranium.

35. oppose the establishment of new coal mines and the expansion of existing mines.

36. prohibit mineral exploration and mining as well as extraction of petroleum and gas in terrestrial and

marine nature conservation reserves, including national parks, wilderness areas and other areas of

outstanding nature conservation value.

37. establish a national mining insurance fund, based on mining industry contributions, to provide

resources sufficient to rehabilitate the environmental impacts of existing mining operations.

38. ensure that all new mining proposals include a fully costed and funded allocation for the restoration

and rehabilitation of the impacted area(s) to world’s best practice standards.

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