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Pauline Hanson's One Nation [Policy document].

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This Policy Document contains an insight to some of the policies and principles of One Nation. It is by no means conclusive. This document does however, identify the more salient issues facing the people of Queensland - issues that One Nation h as specifically identified with regard to the Queensland election. One Nation is committed to these principles and policies as being indicative of the purposes for which our organisation exists. These are the very foundations of our organisation and an expression of our commitment to the people of Queensland.

















To further articulate our commitment to Australia as one nation and to clearly formalise and express our vision of fair and equal treatment for all Australians.


To acknowledge the true value of all Australians, accepting equal rights and responsibilities.


For Australia’s identity and vision to be inspired by a fresh appreciation of its natural resources, its people and history - thereby recognising and acting upon their importance to our continued well being of responsibly developing, conserving and renewing our country and way of life.


For the people of Australia to be acknowledged as Australia’s most valuable resource and to especially encourage, enthuse, nurture and protect our young so that they have equal opportunity to achieve all they can and take their rightful place in a safe and decent society.


To strengthen and advocate traditional family values and upholds the institution of the family as essential to the well being of individuals and society as a whole.


For political parties to be guided by stated values and principles which are shared by their members and rooted in the beliefs and needs of all Australians.


For dynamic and constructive reassessment and change; to provide a platform for positive and sustainable improvements on such matters as education, health, unemployment, crime, rural support, the environment and division created by political correctness.


For all Australians to have access to fundamental justice and shift the balance from the rights of the accused to the rights of the victims and law-abiding citizens. If you are a law-abiding citizen or victim, we will put you first.


For Australians to take a personal and collective responsibility to care for the basic needs of their fellow Australians who are unable to care and provide for themselves.


For governments to practice fiscal responsibility, in particular the responsibility to balance expenditures and revenues without bias to any particular group.


For government to listen to the commonsense of the people their right to be consulted on policy matters before major decisions are made and that policies reflect the will of the majority of Australians as determined by elections or referenda.













  • Police Officers to have discretionary powers to remove unescorted, under aged children from the streets, and return them to their homes or other suitable establishments


  • Increased use of Highway Patrols and reduction in t he use of Speed Cameras which have become unfair revenue collectors


  • Strengthening of Community Policing initiatives by increasing the use of foot patrols in appropriate areas


  • Educational standards for entry into the Police Force and advancement in career s to be reviewed, taking into account life and work experience, relevant to Policing duties.







  • One Nation believes that zero tolerance with discretion should be the guiding principal of dealing with crime


  • Three tier strategy - Educati on, Law Enforcement, & Rehabilitation


  • The Police Powers & Responsibilities Act should be amended to return to the protection of the Judges Rules for Offenders & Victims


  • The right of citizens to use all reasonable means to protect their property themselve s and others against criminal acts


  • Victims: - Courts must pay due attention to victim impact statements.  In cases of violent crime including sexual offences, all victims must be informed of the offenders release from custody.


  • Legislation should be intr oduced that prevents criminals from collecting damages from private citizens for injuries sustained during criminal acts


  • Compensation:-Compulsory standards must be set for courts to award compensation to victims of crime





  • One Nation acknowledges that the most basic function of government is to provide a safe, secure and peaceful society for its citizens.


  • Legislation should be introduced that puts the rights and protection of law abiding citize ns above the rights of criminals


  • Enabling Legislation for a binding referendum on mandatory capital punishment for manufacturers & traffickers of hard drugs, and perpetrators of serial homicides, premeditated homicides and child homicides


  • Mandatory impri sonment for offenders involved in violent crime, organised crime or drug trafficking for offenders who fall outside of the definition above


  • Truth in Sentencing where 10 years means 10 years and Life means Life


  • Naming of young criminals who are serial o ffenders to ensure accountability


  • One Nation will correct the Coalition s failed and costly firearm policy and replace it with effective laws that overcome the use of firearms by criminals


  • Law abiding citizens are entitled to self defence






  • On e Nation believes in restoring the authority of the family


  • Responsible parents should not have their authority eroded by frivolous legislation





  • One Nation is concerned that most Queenslanders will one-day face the difficulties of being frail and aged.  It is with this understanding that we must be responsible for contributing to our own needs in the future.  


  • It is the responsibility of the State Government to ensure that health services are provided within the regions, including health care for the aged


  • Rural and regional areas be given fair assistance to correct the current imbalance suffered by the impact of geographical isolation





  • One Nation would ensure that Hospitals would return to the control of Public Hospital Boards. This will restore control to local communities, encouraging community involvement in the provision of auxiliary service


  • Reduction in centralised management positions in hospitals and appropriate input by health providers


  • Re-establishment of the training of registered Nurses in teaching hospitals





  • One Nation supports the re-introduction of funding for community care programs such as Meals on Wheels, home maintenance programs, community transport and home help services, which a re essential for the elderly and disabled


  • The concept of ageing in place be followed wherever possible, rather than being placed in nursing home care where the quality of life may be reduced


  • The Government should continue to subsidise the cost of age d care and those required to contribute to the cost of their residential care


  • Policies that shift the emphasis away from centre based care for the mentally and physically disadvantaged should be reassessed


  • Those with disabilities should be respected fo r their individual worth and dignity.  As far as possible, the disabled should be involved in the planning of programs that directly affect them





  • One Nation acknowledges that small business is the major employer in Queensland.


  • Legisla tion and regulation should be structured in such a way to encourage new business, facilitate the expansion of existing small business, ensure fair competition, and protect against the unscrupulous.


  • Governments have a responsibility to encourage and safegu ard small business, while recognising the need for competition and free enterprise.


  • Equity in the family home and planning for retirement income and factors in small business which must be considered when determining related legislation & regulations.
  • Con trol and prevent the establishment of monopolies, cartels and vertically integrated businesses, which manipulate the market through domination.

Small business must be protected from the predation of big business.




  • One Nation recognises that r eal long-term jobs in any substantial numbers must come from the Private Sector.  Governments can embark on major works, but in most cases these are relatively short term solutions


  • Employment Initiatives such as the Apprenticeship revival scheme and Rural apprenticeship scheme will be adopted


  • We support an apprenticeship scheme where the Government pays 75% of the wage in the 1 st year, 50% in the 2 nd year and 25% in the 3 rd year.


  • Assistance to small business, farmers and industry through the provision o f incentives for new ventures, with additional incentives for rural and regional areas


  • Long term job creation to be the basis of infrastructure expenditure, and not for temporarily massaging job numbers


  • Amend anomalies in legislation that allows dishones t employees to protect themselves from the consequences of irresponsible or poor quality work practices


  • Re-industrialisation as the best long-term way of creating lasting employment for the skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers and related managemen t


  • Defend the right of all job applicants to be evaluated solely on the basis of merit


  • Review current policies obstructive to employers wanting to increase their permanent staff, being forced instead to employ on a casual basis


  • Review Federally funded wa ge supplement schemes that provide employers with cheap labour, with the position terminating when the supplement ends


  • Support realistic and practical legislation in the areas of workplace safety, workers compensation insurance and responsibility of the e mployee







  • One Nation confirms that Payroll Tax is a tax on employment.  Payroll tax and other inequitable taxes such as land tax  will be reassessed with a view to abolition, removing a major cost to employers






  • One Nation is committed t o a fundamental level of education which encompasses at the very least, writing, reading, spoken skills of communication and expression combined with essential mathematics to ensure successful participation in society


  • Introduce to the young people of toda y the concept of responsibility and the adoption of a respectful attitude towards each other and others, in particular parents, teachers and the elderly


  • Recognise that schools and teachers cannot take the place of the support traditionally provided by the family unit.  Attempts to pass this responsibility to the school system impairs the process and success of scholastically based education


  • Shortcuts in education that come about by economic rationalism have no place in the formation of education policy


  • A ll young people in Queensland need to be taught Australian history.  This includes the sacrifices made in defence of our freedom and way of life, the meaning and purpose of our Constitution, our system of government, patriotism, loyalty to our country and the need for us to work together while still free to pursue our rights as individuals


  • Educational opportunities and resources should be available on an equal basis to all Australian citizens


  • Further incentives need to be provided to attract and retain th e highest possible standard of educated professionals to ensure continual growth and direction of our community


  • Class sizes in Queensland schools to be reduced to accommodate the variety and complexity of current educational subject matter


  • Improve our ed ucation standards within our State schools. Queenslanders have a right to expect the same education standards, discipline and financial government assistance for their children, as that enjoyed by the private schools






  • One Nation is committed to the provision of added incentives such as discounted HECS fees, improved prospects for promotion and higher salaries for educators and other professionals choosing to serve in rural and regional areas


Increased assistance to be provided for r ural students to enable them to access educational facilities and opportunities at cost parity with metropolitan and regional centre students









  • One Nation believes a greater emphasis should be placed on developing skills such as literacy an d computer proficiency to ensure future job flexibility


  • Governments must prioritise the training of our homegrown workforce, instead of relying on filling many positions through immigration










  • One Nation firmly believes that a t hriving rural and regional sector is vital to the interests of all Queenslanders


  • Priority will be given to funding programs consistent with the view of growth and development of rural and regional Queensland


  • Rural and regional communities to be given con cessions and provision of community services comparable with those enjoyed in the metropolitan area


  • Increased R & D  funds to identify new niche markets, and the support of product development to meet this demand


  • Ensure a strong practical focus within th e Agriculture Department of Queensland (Agwest) to provide research and extension services which deliver real benefits and efficiencies to the industry


  • Appropriate tariff protection by the Federal Government; at least equivalent to reciprocal trading part ners; at sufficient levels to prevent unfair subsidised competition and dumping; at sufficient levels to preclude competing imports from countries without reciprocal export opportunities and fostering bilateral trading arrangements which benefit Australia   


  • Repeal the National Competition Policy legislation














  • One Nation will facilitate market responsive trade and production regulation, recognising that rural producers are highly subsidising metropolitan consumers with low cost wh olesale food and produce


  • Ensure the application of fair business practices


  • Recognises the necessity of ongoing research incentives focused on resource conservation technologies and sustainable production practices


  • Encourage better human resource managem ent and training


  • Retain and strengthen farmer owned and controlled orderly marketing agencies


  • Allow farmers easy access to new and improved agricultural chemicals through uniform legislation


  • Assist the industry through realistic labelling laws, in addit ion to promotion of the domestic market


  • Reduce the role of AQIS in the export sector to lower charges and allowing AQIS to refocus on its primary role of monitoring imports. A revamped AQIS is urgently required to ensure that crippling diseases such as Ra bies, Newcastle Disease and Foot and Mouth Disease are not introduced to this country








  • Deregulation has dealt a death blow to the Dairy Industry


  • One Nation will preserve the viability of the Dairy Industry.  Dairying is a major contributor to the rural economy, being a large direct employer in addition to having a hig h multiplier factor


  • Ensure the distribution of growth access equitably across all dairy farmers


  • Reverse the deregulation of the supply management system recently driven by National Competition Policy











  • One Nation will provi de an environment  conducive to vigorous and viable small business and primary industries


  • Ensure the encouragement and support of all levels of rural manufacturing


  • Provide employment initiatives through a rural apprenticeship scheme, providing young peop le with training tailored to meet the specific needs of selected rural regions and industries


  • Support realistic and practical legislation in the areas of workplace safety, workers compensation insurance and responsibility of the employee








  • One Nation will provide financial incentives and right-to-harvest guarantees to encourage farm forestry on private land


  • Develop research and management practices to ensure maximum production and sustainability of state forests, including research into w aste minimisation, by-product utilisation and value adding


  • As a matter of urgency our National Parks and State Forests must be policed in order to keep these areas clear of a build up of dangerous fuel














  • One Nation recognises tha t ecological sustainability is paramount to provide improved standards of living and a better world for future generations


  • Preservation of non-renewable Australian resources for consumer requirements and expectations must be underwritten by all government s




  • Any proposal, development or operation will be terminated if it has the potential to result in degradation of the environment or the future economic stability of Queensland


  • One Nation will work to halt and reverse land degradation, in particular that caused by salinisation, and degradation of both inland waters and the marine environment


  • A philosophy and policy will be promoted that raw materials are to be processed in Australia into manufactured goods to satisfy local demand with any excess being av ailable for export


  • Any industry based on the storage of waste of any kind generated outside Australia will not be supported


  • Support will be given to any feasible and ecologically sound energy production that diminishes Australia s reliance on hydrocarbon generated energy for e.g. wind and tidal generated energy


  • Australia s unique bio-diversity will be maintained and where necessary, restored


  • World atmospheric problems including the Greenhouse effect & ozone depletion will be addressed, in addition to i mproving air quality


  • Discussion will be promoted to ascertain the ecologically sustainable population and levels of consumption for Australia






  • One Nation recognises the importance of our natural water resources and supports i ncentives for on-farm water conservation


  • One Nation is totally opposed to the signing of International Treaties with regard to the taxing and control of these resources


  • Like all our essential services, our drinking and irrigation waters must remain in pu blic hands, in order to avoid their explotation by private corporations




  • One Nation seeks to treat all Australians equally


  • We must stop the division caused by the senseless and destructive agenda that insists on highlighting our differenc es - we must be treated equally


  • Native Title must be put in perspective.  Already 15% of Australia is in Aboriginal hands.  We are about to give as much as 80% of our state to about 2% of our population


  • We must reverse the policy based on race and help p eople on the basis of individual need


  • One Nation supports the dismantling of ATSIC and the cessation of Federal funding activities to the Indigenous Land Fund with the return of currently held funds to consolidated revenue




  • One Nation has adopted a policy for direct democratic involvement of the Australian people called Community Based Referendum (Citizens Initiated)


  • This policy simply says you have faith in the good sense and fair-minded attitude of Australians


  • It gives t he people of Queensland the opportunity to directly address the issues of real concern, all too often left unaddressed under the current system of election and government


  • It grants the people of Queensland the right and ability to initiate legislation dir ectly, without hindering our Westminster system of representative government


  • It provides the facility for Australians to raise their concerns for debate and public decision


  • Peter Reith was once very vocal on these issues but the big boys in his party tol d him to shut up




  • One Nation recognises that our public utilities are essential commodities that should be owned by all Australians and protected from privatisation at all costs

  • Particular concern revolves around essential services such as water, power an d communications


  • Anti-privatisation policy remains in force until the people of Queensland clearly show by referendum that they favour the sale of said utilities






  • One Nation believes in the equality of every individual before and in the eye s of the law, and the right to equal protection and benefit of the law


  • The demands and aspirations of all Australians should be entitled to equal status and treatment with no group entitled to special benefits by virtue of race or cultural background


  • In all things, Australians must be treated equally and the same, with benefits solely based on individual need






  • One Nation supports the concept that by treating all Australians equally, with benefits solely based on individual need, the de termination of Aboriginality ceases to be an issue when related to the receipt of benefits.


  • It is recognised that many Australians of Aboriginal descent are disadvantaged but in accordance with One Nation s policy of equality, these Australians will be as sisted where appropriate on the basis of individual need like all their fellow Australians who require the same services.


  • With this understanding, it is clear we acknowledge the recognition of Aboriginality as merely being one of desire for cultural recog nition with no special benefits attached. The policy of separatism is driving Aboriginals away from mainstream Australia.





  • The present policy of multiculturalism is clearly divisive and pits minority cultures against that which the m ajority supports.


  • One Nation supports the acceptance of migrants into the mainstream of the Australian community, as citizens who will give their new country their undivided loyalty.


  • One Nation endorses programs that firmly empower Australians and inte nding Australians to communicate in our common language of English.


  • At the same time we recognise that all Australians can be enriched when other languages continue to be spoken through choice.






  • One Nation notes that Immigration througho ut the last century has been of great benefit to Australia.  However it must be recognised that inappropriately high levels of immigration can be detrimental to employment, to national infrastructure, services and our environment 


  • No nation today operate s an open door immigration policy. Japan has no formal immigration or refugee policy


  • Australia must have a national population policy based on objective research.  This includes retaining social cohesion and strengthening the national economy


  • Such a pol icy cannot and should not be racially based, in achieving a future of one people under one flag and with one set of rules


  • Intending migrants to Australia must declare their intention to join the Australian community on a permanent basis


  • Whilst continuing to accept genuine refugees who pass stringent screening procedures, Australia should call on all nations to accept their fair share of responsibility in this area









  • Due to public disquiet about aggressive drivin g by newly licensed drivers, One Nation supports the concept of compulsory defensive driving courses for these licences.  With knowledge gained from experienced professional instructors, new drivers might hopefully contribute to the campaign to reduce the loss of lives on our roads.







  • Whilst supporting the concept of a structured approach to land conservation, One Nation opposes this Act, as it places an unreasonable restraint on the right of the rural landowners to use their land to earn a living.  The punitive aspects of the Act put landowners at risk legally, when conciliatory approach would be more appropriate.  One Nation also opposes the system of Local Vegetation Management Plans, devised it would appear by Public Serva nts from an environmentalist approach, which form the basis of the Act.







  • One Nation supports the operation of an effective system of Apprenticeship in Queensland.  WE would encourage cooperation between governments at State and Federal level, in order that employers might be subsidised to take on Apprentic es.
  • We propose a subsidy of 75% in the 1 st year, 50% in the 2 nd with 25%in the 3 rd year.  As a Nation we have an obvious need to assist our young people to obtain vocational skills with public funds for national good.