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Stronger relationships mean better societies.

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• FAMILY FIRST believes marriage and relationship breakdown in Australia is a national crisis and the social, emotional and economic costs are huge. A failure rate of 40 per cent is enormous, disturbing and unacceptable. Children are the ones who suffer the most which is why urgent action is needed. Almost half of all divorces in 2004 involved children under 18. Of those, about one quarter involved children under five. FAMILY FIRST's top priority is the welfare of children;

• FAMILY FIRST believes this is a huge community issue because it is not just the individuals involved who are affected, but our whole society is damaged;

• FAMILY FIRST believes the Government is spending a miniscule amount to tackle marriage and relationship breakdown compared to the enormous toll it wreaks on society;

• FAMILY FIRST acknowledges the Government has established Family Relationship Centres with the stated aim of helping separating couples avoid the court process, but FAMILY FIRST believes this measure fails to address the real issue, which is the underlying cause of marriage and relationship breakdown;

• FAMILY FIRST believes the focus must be on preventing marriage and relationship breakdown, not on the 'after-effects' such as ensuring the process of separating or divorcing is as smooth as possible.