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Our plan for primary production.

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The production of food and fibre is directly linked to our national security and economic health. Yet Labor downplays this role, and continues to treat these portfolio areas as fertile ground for cost savings. The Nationals recognise that Australian farmers, fishers and foresters are among the best in the world and, in government, we will end Labor’s irresponsible approach to this essential sector by returning the agriculture, fisheries and forestry portfolio to its rightful place in the determination of government policy and priorities.

Securing Australia’s Food and Fibre Future.

Warren Truss and The Nationals

Our Plan for Primary Production

• Protect fertile agricultural land, review foreign ownership rules and introduce strong legal requirements for rehabilitation where surface mining has been permitted.

• Audit environmental legislation to streamline regulation and remove “green tape” so that food production can be expanded where appropriate.

• Change Marine Park Declaration arrangements for a more balanced approach to fisheries and the environment.

• Focus on funding water infrastructure efficiencies both in-system and on-farm.

• Identify criteria for lands where broad-scale forestry ought to be encouraged and included in catchment management plans.

• Maintain targeted assistance for producers hit with major drought, flood and fire.

• Increase resources for quarantine, biosecurity, customs and export inspection.

Our Plan

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