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Rural and regional policies

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Rural & Regional Policies

Financial Assistance Grants

Let’s ensure regional councils are given a fair share.

Local Government Financial Assistance Grants require a review into how funding is allocated across local councils.

Regional local councils get allocated too small a portion of the pot.

Metropolitan councils get allocated funding based on a similar proportional allocation methodology to regional councils, despite the need for funds being far greater outside south east Queensland.

For metropolitan councils, Financial Assistance Grants make up a minute percentage of their annual revenue and would suffer little from a reduction in their allocation.

Regional councils rely heavily on the grants to undertake vital works and stimulate local employment.

KAP wants a change to the methodology for Local Government Financial Assistance Grants to ensure regional councils are given a greater share.


No date - Received by Parliamentary Library 13 February 2019

North Queensland Separate State


The only way to unlock North Queensland’s full potential.

KAP wants North Queensland to split from the south to create a separate state. We

think it is important to revisit the lines that were

drawn on a map more than 150

hundred years ago


Queensland was originally

part of New South Wales

- it was one big state. In 1851,

there was a public meeting to discuss the possibility of the north splitting from New

South Wales to become its own state. People were worried that the people governing

were geographically too far away. In 1859, the state split and Queensland was created.

For too long,

North Queensland has been treated as South East Queensland’s

poor cousin

. KAP believes the only way to unlock North Queensland’s massive

potential, is to create a separate state. Successive governments have had 159 years to

prove that they can govern the entire state, not just the south east corner, but time

and time again

North Queensland gets ignored


It’s time to redraw the boundaries and give North Queensland the chance to thrive.


Rural Pubs & Clubs - Katter's Australian Party


A fairer go for rural hotels.

The current liquor licencing framework requires all pubs to pay the same licence fee

regardless of their size or location.

This means that a

tiny pub in Georgetown

pays the same licence fee as the Breakfast

Creek Hotel in Brisbane.

In 2017, Robbie Katter introduced a Bill into Queensland parliament to establish a new

discount licencing framework for pubs in

remote areas

, who will only have to pay


per cent

of the current licence fee.

This policy recognises the important role pubs play in small towns, where they are as

much a

community venue

as they are a place to drink.

KAP wants to see

small towns and communities thrive

, and one way to help achieve

this is by ensuring businesses are not stifled by unreasonable fees.

This Bill gained the


of all sides of politics, however the 2017 state election was

called before it was voted on.

Robbie Katter will reintroduce this Bill in the first sitting weeks of Parliament this year.